How To Protect Your Roof With Roof Coating

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One of the best ways to improve your home or commercial property is to invest in quality roofing.
But over a period of time the roof of your property can be subjected to severe damage.
Weather changes and huge water build up tend to wear out roofing materials.
Also, water ponding can severely damage roof insulation if left unchecked.
To take care of these problems - whether for maintenance or repair purposes - roof coating should be applied whenever necessary.
Since not all coating formulations work for all types of roofs, you need to choose a product that is formulated specifically for the roofing material of your home or property.
This will ensure product effectiveness and reliable protection to the existing roof of your home, for the long haul.
What Roof Coating Should I Choose? There are as many roof coating options as there are different types of roofs.
As a smart shopper you need to be wise in choosing the most appropriate coating product.
The right product should work well with the specific roof substrate used on your property - whether tile, metal or PVC.
There are roof coatings which primarily offer UV-light or solar protection, while there are also roof coating products especially formulated for leak repairs.
Usually, these coatings are available in different types, such as high performance urethanes, silicones, polyureas, asphalt cutbacks, and several others.
What Features Are Significant In Roof Coating? When shopping for an effective coating, there are several qualities or features you need to look into.
First off, the coating should be made to be flexible.
It is important to choose a type of coating that has lasting flexibility, so that it is able to contract and expand as the roof deflates and expands when exposed to weather changes.
A good coating product will also offer water proof protection.
This water repellent quality helps to protect the roof from water ponding damage.
Water ponding is a normal occurrence for many flat roofs, where in water pools in a specific roof area due to a clogged or problematic drain.
Weather resistance is also another helpful feature.
To ensure that the coating adheres excellently to the roof surface moreover, a reliable product should guarantee superior adhesive strength.
The Gaco Western Silicone Rubber Roof Coating is an elastomeric siliconized roof coating especially formulated for roofs where water ponding usually occurs.
It features superior durability and flexibility and is also chemical resistant and weather resistant, making it excellent for a range of applications, from flat roof homes to mobile homes.
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