Why the Pen Is Still the Most Popular Promotional Item in the World

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If you're looking for the most popular promotional item in the market, then look no further than the point of the ballpoint lying on your desk! Yes, the ballpoint pen is one of the most, if not THE most, popular customizable giveaway products in the world of advertising and marketing.
And why wouldn't they be? Pens are some of the most versatile inventions in the history of mankind.
They write on paper so you don't forget important things (like the number of that cute waitress in the diner near that place), they function as great attention-focusers when you use them as chew toys (although considering where that pen's been, you really should think about getting a new one) and probably the most important reason of all - they make great projectile missiles when you get annoyed at a co-worker's antics (just make sure to aim AWAY from the face - and put that cap back on, please).
Yep, pens are great.
Not convinced yet? You will be soon.
They're pretty easy on the pocket (leaking aside) When thinking about investing in advertising for your company, one of the best tools you have in your arsenal is the ROI or return on investment statistic.
Promotional items offer great ROI for even the most limited of budgets.
Don't worry if you don't have the money to sink into a big television ad or if traditional print advertising just isn't your cup of tea.
You won't be losing out by investing in promotional products to advertise your business.
Pens, in particular, are a crowd favorite in the world of custom promotional items.
They are easy to transport, serve a variety of purposes (have you seen those YouTube videos about using the pen as a weapon?) and are easy to customize! Everybody loves pens! Even with all the writing technology available in the market, nothing beats the feel of pen on paper.
It may not be very green but doesn't a thrill just go through you whenever you sign a check with a traditional pen? Now imagine doing that on one of those electronic signature things that they use in logistics.
Not as fun.
Promo items end up in the most interesting places - from handbags to pockets to a friend's glove box.
Most people have used a promotional pen at least once - and some even lay claim to more than one free pen lying around their office or home.
You're always looking for one (admit it) Brand recognition is a must in any industry - another plus for the promotional pen.
To illustrate, here's a pretend conversation between two friends: Friend 1: Hey.
Do you have a pen? Mine stopped working.
Friend 2: Yeah, here you go.
[hands Friend 1 the promotional pen from Company X] Friend 1: Oh, thanks! [he writes down a reminder for his secretary] This is a nice pen! Friend 2: Thank you.
I got it from one of those trade shows my boss keeps sending me to.
They give out a bunch and that's my spare.
Do you want it? Friend 1: Sure! Company X, huh? Friend 2: Yes.
They give out the best office stuff.
My co-workers and I love getting their goodie bags! Friend 1: They must be a quality company to have merchandise like this to give away.
Businesses want to be seen in the best possible light by current and potential customers.
Giving out quality promotional products like customized pens are a great way to promote name recall and brand recognition.
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