Important Facts You Need To Know About Website Design Before You Build Your Site

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Having a website is an inexpensive and effective way to promote your business.
But before you get your site designed there are some things you should know.
"Build it and they will come" Right? Wrong! With websites it does not work that way.
This is something you should know before you spend your money get a website designed.
Your website needs to be optimized to reach your target market.
Before you even worry about design you need to consider what search terms your potential customers are going to use when searching for your website online.
The Google keyword tool is an excellent resource for giving you an idea of what keywords are searched for most often.
You can even enter your competitors website address and find out what keywords bring them the most traffic.
Now that you have a list of keywords you can begin have your site built, and optimized around them.
Include your keywords in your title and meta tags.
Put your keywords in your titles and in your content.
Other on page factors you should include while designing your site is the robot text file and the site map.
Also install Google Analytics so you can see how your site is doing in regards to traffic.
You might want to study up on the basics of search engine optimization, or better yet hire a SEO professional to work on this for you.
Once your site is completed, after being designed with SEO factors in mind, you can launch your site.
With a small amount of off page SEO your website could show up in the search engines within hours.
Your initial basic off page SEO should include submitting your site to the major directories and search engines.
If you are still not doing well in the search results you may need to create a monthly SEO plan where you would continually work on promoting your site.
Your SEO professional can take care of this for you.
Now hiring someone to manage your SEO might seem expensive, but it is money well spent.
If money is tight consider shifting your marketing budget from traditional forms of marketing like radio, magazines, newspapers, or telephone book listings.
These methods of advertising are quickly becoming less and less effective.
You would get way better results by having a professional SEO company promote your site online.
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