How Do SEO Experts Speed Up Websites?

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No one likes a website that loads at its own leisure. So SEO experts use cascading style sheets, keep scripts in external files, do not use flash, remove white spaces and comments from files, avoid connection to external slideshows or videos, choose the server correctly, and prevent spam to ensure fast loading.

A little tweaking here and there, and right choices on web hosting and connecting to outside sites, will go a long way in making a site behave like an agile gazelle instead of a sluggish sloth. And SEO specialists have at the tip of their fingers all the rules necessary to make that difference. Instead of keeping scripts embedded in web pages, SEO experts will keep them in external files. When they are embedded in web pages, the script will have to be downloaded with each page. When they are in external files, they need to be downloaded only once. For the rest of the pages, only the HTML has to be downloaded. This reduces downloading time significantly.

SEO specialists use cascading style sheets or CSS for storing styles and including codes to modify parts of the site, or to apply colors and themes to the whole site. And these external style sheets can be made applicable to more than one website. This speeds up loading, because, once the style is downloaded, it becomes cached and becomes applicable to other pages also. SEO experts take care to remove white spaces and unnecessary comments, avoid the use of inline styles, and use CSS shortcuts to reduce the code. They refrain from using flash as much as possible and in case it has to be used, reduce its file size in various ways.

Avoiding connection to external media is another rule followed by SEO specialists. When your website is connected to outside slideshows or videos, when those are slow, your site will also have to adjust to that speed. So SEO experts take care to connect your site to outside slideshows only as far as they are unavoidable. Preventing spam in their client's website will be a primary consideration of all SEO specialists. If the site is seen to be collecting too much spam, SEO experts generally prevent it by the use of captchas and other spam blockers. In cases where email spam is creating problem, they will install necessary filters there also.

If your website is sharing a server with other sites, your site may load only slowly if another website is consuming more bandwidth. SEO specialists will be able to advise you on choosing a professionally managed web server that will ensure full security and easy downloading. A server may be a shared server, or dedicated hosting with only one website on a server, or VPS hosting where a server is shared with only a limited number of people. Unless you have a high traffic website, most SEO experts will advise you to opt for shared web hosting. A large background image could also increase loading time. So, SEO specialists mostly use smaller background images that are set not to repeat, or set to repeat either horizontally or vertically, or set to repeat both horizontally and vertically. The overall number of images used on the site is also kept to the minimum, and the file size of the images is reduced as much as possible to prevent the site from becoming sluggish.

SEO experts advise their clients not to use too many advertisements on their sites since that too will make a site slow. If you do not want to reduce the number of advertisements, it would be better to go in for HTML ads rather than JavaScript ones which would obviously be heavier.
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