How I Ended Up House Training My Dogs Indoors With A Litter Box

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My first Lhasa Apso puppy dog Pepper came into my life back in 1979.
I was getting him use to using newspapers since that's how many puppies start out with house training.
It wasn't too long before I had moved out on my own to a high-rise condominium in downtown Toronto.
My new home was an eighth floor unit in the middle of a busy downtown area.
I was also starting a new demanding career that had long unpredictable days.
So based on all these facts, I decided to continue to house train Pepper to use newspapers indoors in my laundry room.
He got use to this room really well and when I got a second puppy I named Max, I trained the new fellow to use the newspapers indoors as well.
Max just copied what Pepper was doing so it was really easy.
I ended up having two dogs that were completely paper trained indoors.
If I came home late, it was okay because I didn't have to rush to take them outside for elimination.
They already did that during the day on the newspapers.
I didn't have to take them out if it was bad weather either.
Many years later, I got two puppies as the new generation at my home, Chester and Roxie.
Based on my prior success with Pepper and Max, it was my intention to house train Chester and Roxie indoors as well.
However, this time around, the dog industry came out with commercial dog litter and litter boxes.
It looks like I was on to something all those years with Pepper and Max.
My idea of house training puppies to eliminate indoors, rather than go outside, was also popular with many other successful dog owners too.
This was especially true for owners of smaller breeds living in urban city areas such as New York City where apartments are the usual type of residential buildings.
Purina and other companies launched dedicated litter box systems for dogs.
This was a great development in my mind since litter boxes are less messy compared to newspapers and high quality dog litter like Purina's Second Nature controls odor much better too.
As of the time of writing this article, Chester and Roxie are now five years old.
Both are totally house trained using their litter box indoors.
As you can tell, I'm a total advocate of litter box training for puppies and dogs now.
There are significant benefits in house training dogs indoors.
Although I'm not a professional trainer, I have been a successful dog owner for many years and since I've been house training all of my dogs since they were puppies to eliminate indoors since 1979, this is my niche expertise in the canine world.
This has prompted me to create a dedicated website on house training puppies indoors using any of the available canine litter box or similar systems on the market today, Lots of potential and existing dog owners will benefit greatly as indoor training will enhance their lives as well as their dogs' lives.
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