Advanced Placement European History - Secrets of Success

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Worried about advanced placement European history? I've been through the class, and did quite well.
The secret it effective preparation for tests and quizzes, but also ultimately the AP Exam.
I'll show you how to succeed in AP Euro, from start to finish! AP European history, as a class, is centered around the textbook.
You'll have plenty of material to cover each night, and may face reading quizzes, depending on your teacher.
Most classes have discussions about the night's section.
This is a time to display your understanding of the material and start standing out from the crowd.
Don't like class discussions? You're in luck, because the most important skill for success is actually test preparation.
You'll need to quickly review and learn all the topics that were covered in class, preparing for multiple choice questions, essays, or even short answer.
Test preparation can be easy, provided you know what you're doing and have access to good review materials.
Remember to start studying early, as all this information is particularly hard to cram at the last minute.
Start studying by reviewing the basics, such as the time period in question and major events.
Tackle each notable occurrence one at a time, compartmentalizing the knowledge to prevent confusion on test day.
Take the time to brainstorm possible essay topics, and make sure that you're prepared to answer all of them.
You should also have a decent grasp of how any specific era relates to European history as a whole, especially how it influences future periods.
Get your study guide early, and review it often!
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