Graphics Is Not to Force It to Be Fluent? G-Sync Technology Explain

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This CES has ended, but at CES new product still left sweltering. In addition to some of the outside cusp of cutting-edge products, paragraph equipped NVIDIA G-Sync technology display products meet with the public seems to indicate this technology does not stop, but will continue to develop.
What is NVIDIA G-Sync technology?
In simple terms the NVIDIA G-Sync technology is integrated in the relevant module which monitors refresh the display by adjusting the frequency and GPU were fit to do so will display the output frequency of the GPU frequency output signal is consistent picture, aimed at resolving Caton players during the game or the game screen tearing issues.
Because of the limitations of ordinary display 60Hz refresh rate, leading players in order to pursue high -quality open after the vertical sync, the game screen fluency declined significantly resulting picture Caton or tear. After the closed vertical sync, the picture is still not synchronize because tearing, causing a dilemma, a dilemma situation. Vertical Sync is mandatory to achieve the purpose of the picture synchronization software algorithms. The G-Sync to do is from the angle of the display to show the frequency of hardware synchronization way to solve this problem, to help users improve the game display experience, the game screen 30 can also be demonstrated as 60 screens generally smooth feel.
Vertical sync and tear reasons Caton
Why vertical sync in the end will cause the screen Caton and tear it? First, in general monitor refresh rate 60Hz, the refresh rate can be adjusted even more than just a few models have an adjustable gear, and the game is a real-time picture of the change, if the game is not able to match the display 's frame refresh rate, then the situation will be waiting for each other. Vertical synchronization effect, under the open vertical synchronization, if GPU rendering time than the monitor screen refresh shows a picture of a long time, in order to ensure the screen does not refresh signal generation GPU output changes, then you must let the GPU rendering the signal to wait for the display to refresh the display, which has caused some relatively mediocre performance but can theoretically support the smooth running of the graphics appear further waste and loss of performance, so it thus creating a picture Caton. Do you think is to blame vertical sync, then we will not open vertical sync?
When not open vertical sync refresh the screen display is still a fact, while the GPU has an output picture signal output is completed, start the data transfer screen 2. This will cause the frame sync is not refreshed, the screen 1 and 2 overlap each part of the screen, on the part of the picture frame, the other part of the image of the next frame, the picture will tear. How to ensure the smooth screen without tearing it? That is, the monitor will display the signal frequency output refresh rate and GPU consistent, so there is G-Sync.
NVIDIA G-Sync is a display of a continuously variable transmission
You can even understand this, G-Sync is the display of CVT. By G-Sync module built into the display, real-time adjustment of the display screen shows the frequency forever and GPU synchronization to ensure the synchronization of the screen output, eliminate screen tearing, not let GPU to wait and let the game all fall GPU processing performance body, and the display will not become a burden on the GPU, so the graphics frame rate even in the running 20,30 can reflect the actual performance of a relatively smooth. Of course, for the present, the application of the G-Sync technology display also numbered.
Support G-Sync monitor what?
From the current master of the situation, including the support of the technology on display had already unveiled Asus VG248QE and the CES extravaganza BenQ XL2420G, XL2720G and Philips 272G5DYEB, such as Acer and AOC. Because NVIDIA 's clear that the first display manufacturers cooperation include Asus, BenQ, Philips and Viewsonic four, so then we will also see the launch of the associated ViewSonic display devices.
In terms of price, all equipped with a G-Sync module monitors the prices are more expensive to sell to VG248QE ASUS has been listed as an example, this display size is 24 inches, with a resolution of 1080p, while the panel material only TN is material, and the display guide price has reached 2,799 yuan, far exceeding the average 24-inch monitor.
Alone plus G-Sync card worth it?
Since it is equipped with G-Sync technology monitors so expensive, and G-Sync is just a module, bought their installation fly it? In fact, do not fly! Although NVIDIA today announced an exciting news is that in its official stores can buy G-Sync module to monitor their modification, so you can let yourself become common support G-Sync monitor display technology, improve very obvious. But the price of about 1,200 yuan actually not too affordable, relatively speaking, is 1200 yuan budget you want to change it or better graphics card upgrade monitor? Perhaps more users will choose to upgrade the video card it.
Future G-Sync will become more mainstream
Although the current situation NVIDIA G-Sync technology is very limited, the market is also supported by the very few technology products, but I do not think it would have been inaction continues, a little exaggeration to say, I'd think G-Sync will the display had nothing new to bring to market a quite Aspect revolution. Sold separately from NVIDIA board design point of view, if it is able to form a large -scale manufacturing, the cost should be much lower than 1200 yuan. There will be more and more companies will choose to integrate G-Sync module on the game display, along with the G-Sync module to reduce manufacturing costs, the future of technology with G-Sync monitors will become increasingly mainstream, what G- Sync can display market has been quiet for much of the energy released, so we'll see.
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