How to Use Framed Artwork in a Bathroom Window for Privacy

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    • 1). Hang a drapery rod or pole above the window, as you would if you were going to hang drapes.

    • 2). Find a piece of framed artwork suitably sized to hang in front of the window leaving a small gap of no more than three inches on each side. Too small a picture will look odd and will not provide any privacy.

    • 3). Attach a picture hanging wire to the back of the framed picture, approximately four inches from the top of the frame.

    • 4). Cut two 36-inch lengths of two-inch wide grossgrain ribbon in a color that contrasts well with the picture and your bathroom decor.

    • 5). Thread the ribbons through the hanging wire on the back of the frame and tie them to the rod or pole, fastening each with a fancy bow. To ensure the picture hangs evenly and is centered in the middle of the window, tighten or loosen the ribbons accordingly. This will give privacy, while allowing light into the bathroom.

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