Promotional Sunscreen - Sun Protection For Your Promotional Needs

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What could be better to give to clients and people you meet up with in trade fairs and conventions than promotional sunscreen to help increase your brand's popularity? Giving out sunscreen as a promotional item is not only one of the more practical ideas you can use, it is also a sign that shows you care about your customers' welfare since skin cancer is a growing concern these days.
With the depletion of the ozone layer and the increasing number of people who are having skin problems with their constant exposure to the sun, giving out promotional sunscreen as part of your marketing strategy is a good way to get people to remember your brand and your company.
You can choose to give out these sunscreen bottles or packs during the hot summer months when they will be most useful.
What Types of Sunscreen Should be Used? There are a lot of different kinds of sunscreen that can be used for this kind of a marketing move.
Here are some of the points you might want to consider when choosing the kind of sunscreen you want to give out to clients, employees and other people important to your company's future: •SPF Rating.
While there are some companies that give out SPF15 sunscreen as promotional items, the best possible sunscreen to help block the harmful UV rays are those that have an SPF30 to 30+ rating.
These are the best kinds of sunscreen products you can choose for your marketing purposes.
Bottle Sizes.
The next thing that you will need to decide on when using promotional sunscreen for your marketing strategy is the size of the sunscreen bottles you will be giving out.
There are a few different sizes you can choose from to have your logo imprinted on; and these are 50ml, 65ml, 1.
5 oz.
, and even 250ml bottles.
You can choose which bottle size you can give out or you can choose many different sizes to cater to the many different levels of clients you may want to give these to.
Another thing you can choose when it comes to using a promotional sunscreen for marketing purposes is to have these in handy sachets.
These can be easily stored in bags, purses, wallet, and pockets.
These are also very easy to hand out when you promote brand awareness in malls, conventions, and trade fairs since these are small enough and convenient enough to be carried around without worrying about it being bulky.
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