How to insert Google Adsense Ads into WebEasy 8

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      Use WebEasy 8 to create a draft Web page.

    • 2). Choose "edit" from the left-hand WebEasy 8 panel. Click on the "shapes" icon in left-hand menu.

    • 3). Click on the "Objects" icon at top of page. Choose the "Web widgets" tab.

      Choose "Album on Flicker." Click OK. In "Insert Object" box, click on "Click to continue." This will take you back to your draft WebEasy 8 Web page. Click once anywhere on the page. This will create a square shape and open an "Objects Properties" dialogue box. Click OK. Leave WebEasy 8 running.

    • 4). Go to your Adsense page. Select your ad and obtain your code. After you obtain your code, go to the third line of the code and note the size of the ad. This will read something like 728x90 or 120x600. Write down these numbers. Leave the Adsense window open in your browser.

    • 5). Go back to WebEasy 8. The new box you created on your website should still be selected. If not, click on it once to select. From top menu, select "Modify." When the "Size and Proportion" dialogue box opens, choose "I want to use a dialog."

    • 6). Uncheck "Keep Aspect Ratio" in the "Size and Position" dialogue box that appears. Enter the height and width numbers that you wrote down earlier. Click "OK."

    • 7). Press Ctrl+J. This will open the custom scripting assistant box. Click on "Click to continue." An "Object Script Markers" box will open. Click "Click to continue."

      Go back to the Google Adsense website. Highlight and copy the ad code.

      Return to WebEasy 8. You'll be in the dialogue box called "Custom script assistant." Highlight the text in the box below the word "Contents." Paste your Google Adsense code in place of this text.

    • 8). Preview your ad by clicking "Build," "Preview with," "Internet Explorer 8." Note that your ad may not show up at first and in some cases may not appear until you actually publish your website.

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