E-Lottery Affiliates, Here Are Some Business Ideas to Help Get You Started

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These are methods already used by many companies, Network marketers and Affiliates, and can generally be used in any business.
Some are common ideas, some not so common.
Online promotion
  1.  Buy a Domain URL and redirect to your chosen e-lottery web page found in tools of your back office.
  2. Create back links adding your website to directories, signatures in forums and creating articles.
  3. Create your own blog or e-lottery website.
  4. Add links to your website on networking sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter, to name a few.
  5. Use Pay per click advertising with one of the many search engines such as Google and  Yahoo  
  6. Bookmark your Domain names and add them to directories, create squidoo hub pages.
    obtaining as many back links to your web pages will increase your web sites traffic.
Offline promotion 
  1. Talk to friends and family.
  2. Send out flyer's.
  3. Hand out business cards.
  4. Invite people to watch a DVD.
  5. Advertise on your car with adverts created by a print shop.
  6. Create a FROGS list (Friends,Relatives,Organisations,Groups, Same) List everyone you know then contact them by phone, email, or visit them and tell them about the e-lottery.
    You will be very surprised how many names you will get in this list.
  7. Place adverts in shop windows and in local papers.
  8. Send flyer's or other promotional items with letters and things you are selling online, in bills, in birthday/Christmas cards, return all those annoying junk mail envelopes with your e-lottery promotional flyer's.
  9. Do not leave home without your promotional material, you never know who you will meet or talk to, Be prepared, always.
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