2012: What Is Ascension?

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Do you remember back in 1998 a movie called "The Truman Show"? It's about a person who discovers his entire life is a TV reality show.
If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend it because it has a certain similarity to your life also.
Similar to Truman, your life here can be compared to a stage production or movie where you get to decide what part you want to play.
The only difference is that you are not being watched by other people on this planet as is true for Truman, you are being watched by highly evolved beings (ET's) in the higher dimensions.
In our own movie or stage production we get to decide what roles we would like to play and what we would like to experience in those roles.
The truth is, we are not any of those characters, we are multi-dimensional beings who have come here to learn from the different experiences we give ourselves.
The problem is, we've forgotten who we really are.
We think the characters we are playing are real.
But to forget is not necessarily a bad thing.
The Veil of Forgetfulness we passed through when we arrived on this planet, does serve us.
It allows us to recreate ourselves anew without having any previous ideas about who we really are.
Get it? Multi-dimensional beings exist on many levels or dimensions.
Each level vibrates at a different frequency.
Just because you exist now on a low level of frequency in this dimension, does not mean the higher frequencies in higher dimensions do not exist.
Think of a radio.
When you've tuned into one frequency on the radio, it doesn't mean you can't turn the dial to listen to another.
You can, however, only listen to one show at a time.
The same applies to us.
Each part or aspect of our self exists in a particular dimension, or frequency of vibration.
That part of our self, once it is done with whatever it chose to experience in that dimension, gets the opportunity to ascend to a higher dimension.
Ascension is moving from a lower dimension to a higher dimension.
Each dimension is governed by a particular band of vibrational frequency.
All that is needed to move from one level of vibrational frequency to a higher level, is an increase in consciousness.
An increase in consciousness or awareness raises vibrational frequency.
For instance when you are aware of your thoughts you can concentrate on only thinking positive thoughts which raise your vibration.
To love unconditionally is a great way to raise your personal vibration.
Thoughts of anger, fear and hatred, lower your vibration considerably.
The thoughts you think also affects those around you, and that is known as mass consciousness.
Up until the year 2008 it still wasn't certain that this planet and her inhabitants would ascend.
With constant wars and threat of nuclear destruction, it wasn't possible because the mass consciousness was too negative.
Our saving grace came when Creator decreed that humans would not be allowed to continue this destructive behavior.
ET's were asked to intervene and the threat of nuclear war was removed.
Slowly people have been awakening to who they really are and this is raising the vibration and mass consciousness of the entire planet.
One positive thought or deed cancels hundreds if not thousands of negative ones.
It has been a slow road, but we have finally accomplished it.
For some time now we have been receiving from the sun incoming energy in the form of solar flares and rays of unconditional love from the heavens, which is raising the planetary vibrational frequency and that of all individuals, whether they are aware or not.
The closer we get to 21st December 2012, the stronger the energy is that we are receiving.
This incoming energy will allow this planet and her inhabitants to be at the right vibrational frequency for Ascension to take place.
What makes this Ascension in 2012 so unique is that this time an entire planet is ascending into a higher dimension along with her inhabitants.
This means not just the people, but all the animals too including all aquatic animals.
It is the first time this has taken place in all of the cosmos.
This event will be one of great magnitude and watched by beings all over this galaxy and other galaxies, both known and unknown to us.
It's certainly something to look forward to.
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