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After 15 years designing industry re-shaping mixers, Mackie has shaped the most grizzled groups of analog engineers in the industry. This team is able to escape inexpensive development of the Onyx 4-Bus Series, tugging together the high-quality components available - from premium op-amplifiers to IC chips costing tremendously a lot more than individuals utilized in previous designs. In MACKIE ONYX 32 all-new summing bus circuitry was created in the ground-up to increase headroom. And also the entire signal chain was digitally balanced from input to output, offering large, full-range sound and minimizing noise than any mixer within this class. Most considerably, premium Onyx mic preamps, Perkins EQ circuitry, along with a new THAT Corporation 4301 assignable stereo system compressor / chip limiter were customized particularly for these new consoles. It is a difference you'll hear right as they are.

Although Mackie's previous-generation XDR mic preamps set new standards for quality and gratification, our acclaimed Onyx mic preamps offer increased fidelity, headroom and transparency - in addition to better radio frequency (RF) rejection and wider dynamic span than in the past. With specs like 123dB total dynamic range, -129.5 dBm Equivalent Input Noise, and.0007% Total Harmonic Distortion, Onyx preamps hold their very own from the "tweakiest" boutique stand alone mic preams.

In developing EQ circuitry for Onyx, we enlisted the assistance of veteran audio engineer Cal Perkins. Consequently of Cal's expertise, Perkins EQ circuitry takes the classic Wein Bridge circuit topology utilized in British mixing desks throughout the '60s and '70s, and provides it greater filter and phase change control. The finish result is an extremely effective and very musical 4-band EQ with sweepable low- and-huge mids, ideal for the cycle of live sound mixing. There's an abundance of routing options using its 6 x 2 matrix supplying sufficient monitor sends, 4-bus group outputs for routing channel signal to recorders and direct results on DB-25 fittings. The Onyx 4-bus live sound consoles are fully functioned as portable work-equine mixers for touring, small events, schools, house-of-worship, halls and much more.

Sound engineers remained long used master compressor/limiters to sleek live sound mixes, increasing the performance of both great and never-so-great sound systems. Therefore we decided to integrate a higher-quality master compressor/limiter chip from THAT Corporation in to the Onyx 32.4. This assignable analog stereo system compressor/limiter chip was shaped and manufactured in America by veteran analog engineers, offering true RMS Recognition and Auto Make-up Gain for absolute and accurate musical results. It provides independent Threshold, Ratio and Fast/Slow Attack controls and designated publish-fader towards the L/R primary mix (for system restricting and protection) or pre-fader to Group half or 3 / 4 outputs (for arranged signal compression, like drums or background vocals). This cuts down the hassle and cost of separate outboard processing.

We are aware that live sound can be hard on equipment. For this aspect, we designed the MACKIE ONYX 32 - 4-Bus Series to deal with anything the street dishes out. Chassis rigidity is at the maximum by vertical aluminum support beams spread across the top console. And since these boards get moved around a great deal, we designed comfortable carry handles directly into the edges - despite the fact that they're portable enough to simply tuck them beneath your arm and go.
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