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There have been a lot of posts lately on the internet about "how can I make more money" or "How can I become rich"
But if I may ask,Is it all about money?, but come to think of it, It really not all about money.
If you have the passion and desire of make money on the internet, and I mean really make it online, you need to start and learn about attracting money to yourself instead of just chasing it. Most people go about it the wrong way to make money.
Do you think selfish people attract money to themself?? NO!
Money is really just a form of energy or flow of energy. It is normally attracted to businesses that solve real problems for people or other businesses.
Many people wonder why they are not making it well online, however they forget that they are ignoring how money works, and so money ignores them. It is simple as that.
It may interest you to know that People have wants and needs, and they also have money. So you need to give them solutions or fixes for their problems which they are unable to solve.
You do not have to come up with anything ground breaking for your solution...that is where people get it wrong. All you have to do is be different, come up with a great solutions, even find a really good solution and put your own spin on it. In fact that is what many wealthy people have done both online and offline and it has made them massive amounts of money.
So do not think about money forget about it ALLTOGETHER!

Wake up each day and say to yourself, "how do I create massive value today"
"How can I offer the best solutions to people that need a fix"
That way you are letting the flow of money and enegy attract to you. Let the money come to you! Stop being arrogant, and thinking about how you can make your next millions.
Learn to help first, and do not become selfish. That is how you will see fast results.
If you want to become wealthy, you can break it down to 9 things that may really help you t achieve it……
First find as many people as you can and....
1) Try Making them feel happy emotionally
2) Fix an annoying problem they have.
3) Teach them how to do something and guide them through.
4) Make them feel better or more physically attractive.
5) Make them feel safer all the time
6) Make them laugh or help them find happiness.
7) Satisfy their needs, either nutritional, or human needs such as physiological
8) Teach them how to make their life easier.
9) Help them reach their biggest dreams and goals in life.
If you make a stance and decide to not rest until you do one of these 9 things, you will not have to work out where your next money is coming from. Money will find its way to you.
Stop trolling around forums and writing down which technique is going to make you rich. First do not be selfish and sit down with a PEN and PAPER and ask yourself these 2 simple questions....
"What special things can I offer others today?".....
"What special VALUE can I add to people live today?".....
doing this, you will become a money magnet and you will never have to chase money ever again
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