Buy Traditional and Wool Rugs for Your Home

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There are a wide variety of rugs available in the market, of different shapes and sizes, different designs, different styles, different materials, and different colors. If you are looking for rugs for the first time, you could be quite confused. Traditional rugs are of authentic Oriental or Victorian styles. They use traditional designs and motifs like flowers, animals like the peacock, or scenes from the countryside. They are also made in traditional colors like red, maroon, black, navy blue, green, and white. Traditional rugs give an elegant and rich feel to your home. Some traditional rugs sourced from Iran or India can be really expensive if they are hand knotted.

Types of Rugs

The look of a rug, its durability and value depends on the materials used to create it. Rugs are made of natural or synthetic materials. The natural fibers used include wool, sisal, cotton, sea grass, jute, or bamboo. The synthetic materials used are nylon, rayon, acrylic, viscose, or polypropylene. Traditionally rugs are made in India and could be tufted or woven. Tufted rugs are usually wool rugs. The wool fiber is bound to the base and then machine cut or cut by hand to create a soft pile. Woven rugs are made of woven cotton fibers bound together to create a rug.

Why Invest In Wool Rugs?

Wool rugs are easy to maintain and durable. Since wool is obtained from sheep, goats, or alpacas, wool rugs are usually affordable. Thick wool rugs in a home reduce the noise content. Wool is hypoallergenic and can be used even in homes where there are allergy sufferers. Wool rugs are the ideal choice for decorators looking to spruce up a home on shoestring budgets. Wool rugs come in different colors and designs and you can be sure of obtaining one that will match the decor of your home. Wool is also greatly preferred by decorators since it is fire and water resistant and breathes easily. Spills and heavy liquids just roll off the rug making it stain proof and resilient.

Benefits of Using Rugs

Rugs of all types whether they are traditional rugs or wool rugs provide warmth and comfort to rooms. In colder climates, it helps in energy conservation since it helps to retain warmth and adds to the coziness of your room on a cold winter's day. It is also a comfortable place to sit or for children to play without hurting themselves. The use of rugs adds to the style quotient of the room. It reduces falls and slips and minimizes injuries in case of falls especially for older people and infants. It also helps to reduce the noise factor in the home by absorbing sounds from computers, speaker phones, TVs and so on. By acting as a sound barrier, it prevents transmission of sound to the floor below.
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