How to Care & Clean a Maltese's Ears

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    • 1). Raise your Maltese's ear flap and gently massage the base of the ear to relax the dog. Check if there are any foreign bodies such as grass or dirt in the ears. If you find anything, remove it with tweezers.

    • 2). Spread ear powder over the hair that grows in the ears. The powder makes the hair easier to remove.

    • 3). Pull out the hair with your fingers or a pair of tweezers. If using tweezers, pay attention not to pinch the dog's ear canal skin while plucking out the hair.

    • 4). Use an eye dropper to insert canine ear-cleaning solution into one of your dog's ears. Place the ear flap into its normal position and massage the ear area for a few seconds to allow the solution to get into the dog's ear canal. The dog will shake its head. Wipe off any remaining solution, liquefied wax and debris from around the ear area using a cotton ball or a towel. Do the same with the other ear. Perform the ear cleaning once a week.

    • 5). Fold the ear flaps for five minutes after cleaning, to allow the ear canal to dry.

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