How to Make a Lollipop Tree Out of Wood or Styrofoam

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    Wooden Tree

    • 1). Paint a wooden circle green with acrylic paint. You can get pre-cut wooden circles at your local craft store. Allow the paint to dry for at least two hours.

    • 2). Starting in the center of the circle, drill a 1/8-inch hole through the wood. Drill six more holes around the center hole, leaving one inch of space around each hole. Continue drilling rings of holes to the outer edge of the circle.

    • 3). Squeeze some Liquid Nails onto the bottom edge of the wooden circle. Press the top of a stick or dowel into it to form the "tree." Let the structure dry overnight.

    • 4). Push a floral foam brick into a terra-cotta pot.

    • 5). Cover the brick with Spanish moss and push the "tree" down into the center. Gently wiggle the stick to make sure it's seated properly. Slip a lollipop into each hole in the wooden circle.

    Foam Tree

    • 1). Set a floral foam brick into a terra-cotta pot.

    • 2). Place Spanish moss over the brick and insert a long stick into its center. Wiggle the stick back and forth gently to ensure it is stable.

    • 3). Push a floral foam ball onto the top of the stick.

    • 4). Start at the top center of the ball and push a lollipop stick into the foam. Place six more lollipops in a circle around the first lollipop. Continue adding circles in this way until the entire foam ball is covered in lollipops.

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