Plumbing Estimating Software: The Construction Industry On A High-tech Footing

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Water system has changed over the years from the ancient time when human race relied on gravity for the supply of water and used channels made of clay, lead, bamboo wood to the present-day water-supply systems which uses a network of high-pressure pumps, and pipes. The plumbing systems with its changes over the years require a skilled trade person to maintain it. With the growth of the modern cities and tall rise buildings and apartments, plumbing systems included better water disposal systems, waste water treatment plants, use of better plumbing fixtures, pipes and tubes made of copper, plastic, or other non-toxic material.

Earlier, the plumbers handled them job based on their skills and made use of materials as was available. However, today, as cities expand, there is an increase in the construction of apartments, offices and shopping malls. This has led to a greater requirement of supplies and fixtures from dependable plumbing distributors, giving rise to the new breed of plumbing contractors who tend to bid on multiple construction projects at the same time. As technology leaves it footprints in the construction industry, the plumbing estimation software helps the contractors go ahead with working on multiple projects.

The plumbing estimating software helps the contractors with templates, evaluate bids and includes parts and labor database. Designed and developed by leading industry provider of product and pricing services, this estimation software has a number of benefits and features. Being a web based software, this has a powerful search-engine, which helps to locate products and pricing from a large database of nearly 2.1 million products from over 720 manufacturers. The software also helps the skilled personnel with details of product and the procedures to handle the products. The plumbing distributors are benefited with the cross-reference provided for branded and generic items making it easier to look for alternatives.

Plumbing distributor and contractors can leverage from the flexibility provided by the software and the pricing manuals and head for bidding plumbing projects. Besides, with the help of color catalogue helps the contractors recognize the items and the import/export wizard helps to transfer data with ease. Another technology innovation by the leaders of the industry is the construction submittal software that allows further flexibility in bidding for plumbing projects. This online software, which can be used by both plumbing and mechanical contractors to submit professional job submittals from start to finish and can be send across to the necessary professionals for their approvals.
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