Learn to Face Being Rejected by Women - How to Learn and Grow From Rejection

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Being rejected sucks.
The long walk away from the woman is one of the most horrible feelings a man can go through.
This is a time for honesty though.
Your pride is hurt.
I know! I have been there.
You do yourself a disservice if you do not learn the reasons why you were rejected to decrease the chance of it happening again.
Was the rejection your fault? Ask yourself this and be brutally honest.
Some rejections are your fault.
If you did something wrong and you wish to do better.
Fix it! Being rejected by women from cheesy lines.
"Are you lost? Because heaven is a long way from here" If you are using pickup lines like this, sorry to say it may be your fault.
These can work sometimes, but usually won't.
You need a really thick skin if you try out these cheesy lines.
Rejected by women from fear.
"ummmm Hi ummm how are you?" Stuttering out such a fear laced introduction will not help your case.
It is not easy to be confident with women.
It really is one of the most important things you can do.
You do not need to be arrogant, but being a little confident just shows that you are important and relays a very positive message to everyone around them.
If you are horribly shy the woman may feel sorry for you, she may FEEL for you but she will never feel ATTRACTED to you.
Your rejection may be polite, but it will be a rejection.
Rejected by women from looks.
The last big rejection factor that could be your fault is hygiene.
If you walk up to a lady and an odor precedes you that could knock a skunk dead in its tracks, you are in for a speedy rejection.
It does not even really need to be that your hygiene is THAT bad.
Perhaps you need some grooming, a shave a haircut, nice clothes.
All of these things can help.
You do not need to be a pretty boy or a metrosexual, you just need to look like you care a little about your appearance.
One important thing to remember.
Women do not judge men harshly by looks.
Chance are that you will not be rejected because your nose is too big or you have a wart on your ears.
It is only because you do not represent yourself well.
Is the rejection from women you receive not your fault? It may well not be your fault.
She could have a boyfriend.
She could have just broken up and not be interested.
It could be a bad day for her.
You could remind her of someone she dislikes.
She could even simply be just an evil witch.
You never know.
Do not let rejection get you down.
It happens to everyone, male and female.
The important thing is that if there IS a lesson, you learn it.
Continue to grow your confidence and your number of rejections will go down somewhat and remember, "I am a master thief, here to steal your heart" will not really impress the ladies.
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