Micro Niche Sites - Why Do Customers Hate Micro Niche Sites

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Have you ever tried searching for a solution to your problem online yet end-up with multiple opt-in forms or pitches for affiliate products? I'd bet your answer is a yes! Having had that kind of experience myself, I'm a big believer that most micro niche sites (and I mean 95% +) are just there for the web developer to earn money more than helping people.
Don't get me wrong, I'm also for monetizing since we're talking about making a living here.
What I don't like is the fact that customer experience is OVERLY COMPROMISED when it comes to micro niche sites.
I wouldn't order a burger if the patty's made up of 95% fillers (would you?).
That being said, I've talked to several netizens and took their opinion about what makes them hate micro sites so much and here's what they have to say: 1.
) Opt-in Forms
They're looking for a solution to their problem not to sign-up for a subscription.
Opt-in forms would normally work if you've provided the solution to their problems but asking them to opt-in even before answering (whether fully or partially) their problems..
? Seriously? 2.
) Too Much Advertisements
It's no secret to anyone that micro sites and advertisements are almost alike.
If you're looking for a solution to your problem, you want to get more information about the nature of your inquiry.
In most cases, what you'd get form micro niche sites are more advertisements instead.
) Lacking Information
Since micro sites only have a few pages only, they don't normally have the complete information for you inquiry.
That being said, you'd have to look for the answer to your inquiry on other sites compelling you to do further research.
) Poor Layout
Normally, the people creating micro sites are in it just for the money, they don't really put that much weight on the site's layout, ambience, or user friendliness of it when it comes to navigation.
This causes frustration to the users due to them not being able to find the solution to their inquiry.
These are the major reasons why customers hate micro sites, aside from them being dissatisfied of the answer to their question, they're provoked even more by sales pitches and opt-in forms.
Having this kind of business set-up is a sure fire way of failing online.
What should you do next you may ask? First, you have to stay clear form micro niche sites.
Second, you need to think big (and I mean authority niche site), form there do the usual keyword search and be sure to add quality contents ONLY! If you do that, you'll surely be on your way to success.
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