Busting Through the Sales Stigma

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I have met a lot of people in my sales days and many times I have gotten a cold shoulder when people think I am going to "sell" something to them.
I have also met a lot of people that do not want to work in an industry that "sells" anything.
So where did this stigma come from? Was it years of bad used car salesman that killed us? Was it old MLM days that left a bad taste in peoples mouths? Or what about the cranky salesperson at the department store? We can't really trace back where the stigma started as it may be different for you as it is for the next guy.
But what I do know is that "sales" doesn't have to have a stigma at all.
I could talk for days about what the sales function really is and go on and on.
But what I do know is that when a person is really good at sales or selling something, it is not the product that they are selling, they are selling three things.
*They are selling the need for the product.
*They are selling themselves *They are selling their passion and belief in the product.
I would venture to say that most people trust one another.
Sales professionals count on that.
I know in my business I could not sell my product if my clients did not trust me.
I sell the need and I sell a product that people do need.
But sometimes getting someone to understand that what I am offering is the best product out there is difficult.
So how do you bust through the sales stigma of someone that only sees just another salesperson? Do you tend to put up your defenses and get frustrated? How about hanging your head in defeat? Is that you? Understand that timing is everything.
A "no" today may not be a "no" next month.
Keep the nay sayers on your radar.
Ask if you can follow up in 6 months or so, just in case.
If they say yes, then you had better be there, or be calling or whatever method you contacted them on the exact day 6 months from now.
Send a card thanking them for their valuable time and include your business card.
They may throw it away, but then again, they may just keep it, just in case.
I know I would.
Ask for a referral from said nay sayer.
If they are not interested in hearing about your product, by gosh, they may know someone who is.
If you don't ask, they will not volunteer that tidbit.
Always be professional and on your best behavior.
Being rude or acting self defeated will not help you in anyway and will just reinforce their belief in "salespeople" in general.
Will the stigma just disappear with these few tips? I think not, but what it can do is lessen the piercing deep into your heart when they do give you an attitude.
Just kidding..
well then again, maybe not.
Always remember Business is Business.
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