How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark at Your Cats

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    • 1). Begin training your dog when it is a puppy. Your dog learns about positive and negative behavior in its youth. When you introduce your puppy to your cat, praise the puppy when it behaves nicely.

    • 2). Realize that loneliness may be the problem because your dog may be trying to get attention from the cat. Your dog may have learned from you that it gets attention when it barks. Teach your dog that barking is not the correct way to get attention by praising it when it is calm and ignoring it when barking.

    • 3). Bring your dog to obedience classes to get your dog to behave. Your dog will learn about listening and responding to your words, and it should begin to comprehend that barking at a cat is a negative trait.

    • 4). Crate training is an effective way to show your dog dominance. Keep your dog in its crate when it barks at the cat and only let it out when it stops barking.

    • 5). Purchase a bark deterrent collar if nothing else works. A bark deterrent collar works by creating an unpleasant audible or physical effect when your dog barks. The collar should not hurt your dog, although it may be surprised.

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