Website Building Tools and How You Can Build Your Very First Website Free Without Any Risk

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Starting out online can be very daunting and sometimes feel impossible.
I should know, after starting in this industry only two short years ago it took months and months before I even got my first website up and running.
That first website cost me well over four thousand dollars to construct and made me a little over one hundred dollars in the twelve months of being on line.
A very big and painful learning curve for me indeed.
Still I had no knowledge of how to build a website.
Because I would not like to see anyone make half the mistakes or loose the kind of money I did there are a few simple and easy guide lines one can follow to ensure you get started the right way first time round.
Firstly one needs to know what they want to sell.
It doesn't matter if it is an affiliate product or a product you have rights to sell yourself you will need a product first.
If you don't know what to sell I can help you with that too.
Oh just for those beginners (like I was not all that long ago) an affiliate product is a product that someone has the rights to sell online and as a member when you sign up to their affiliate members page you will get your very own link so you can market their products too.
Every time you sell their product with your affiliate link online (using your new web site) you will get a pay check.
You will usually get a commission somewhere between 50% all the way up to 75% on any sale you make as an affiliate marketer but lets come back to this some other time.
So what is the best and cheapest way to get started with your own website? You could invest well over one thousand dollars in just the software to build your own websites these days but you don't have to.
You will also need mandatory tools when you get started that are usually a separate monthly expense like auto responders for automatic email response and marketing, pop ups, banner and button builders along with an html builder and so on.
I recommend shopping around and asking questions like, what services are included with my site builder.
Do I get a pop up builder, banner and button builders along with an html builder, email builder, form builder, link builder, can I upload pictures easily and does it have a menu builder included in the monthly price? As I struggled in the beginning trying to do this one simple thing (getting a website up and running) I did come acrosssome tools that made a lot of sense.
The tools were simple and easy to use, even I understood them.
They took me from having no profitable websites to over two dozen to which several are earning me money.
One is ranking really well with Google too thanks to the learning centre in the back office and some additional study.
All within a relatively short time I might add.
The point of me sharing this with you is to let you know you are not alone and starting up is not at all difficult when you know how.
It's only a small amount of learning to begin with and it can be fun playing around in the back office of your very own site builder.
There is only a couple of easy and simple things you need to do when starting and they are,
  1. You need a website builder that is friendly and easy to use even if you don't understand html coding or any of the fancy stuff.
  2. You're going to need a learning centre that provides systems that can teach you how to write affective copy on your website.
    That means putting words together on your new site that can convince people what you are selling is worthy and you are honest and telling the truth.
    If a total stranger does not trust what you have on your site they will simply keep surfing and find one they do trust.
  3. You will have a need to acquire traffic and a lot of it.
    As a beginner you won't know how to do this so using a system that will also help with this is a huge plus.
These are three main areas for a beginner or someone who is looking to get started with building their very own website and making a living from the lucrative world on the net.
So how do you know as a beginner if the software you are being asked to buy is right for you? This is the challenge but is curable easily with one simple question.
That question is...
do you have a free trial period so I can try it and see if it is right for me? If you can't get a trial period even if you have to pay for that time only I recommend not going with that company.
You see most companies will try and sign you up to a one or two year subscription.
But what if you can't work with their software or don't understand it? You will be paying for nothing every month for a long time to come.
Be sure to ask for a trial period of at least a week so you can be sure you get used to and understand your back office area.
Anyone using any tools I personally advocate I will be available to help you one on one for free via email or skype.
My time is restricted but I know what it was like when you are on your own and only starting out.
My contact details are available below.
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