Making The Most Of Your Exhibit Space: Tips To Simplify Trade Show Installation

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Preparing to exhibit a trade show stand at an industry event can be a stressful experience. You've developed your sales pitch, ordered the giveaways, and packed all of the brochures and supplemental materials; now there's only one thing left to do - head to the venue and start setting-up that trade show display! After months of grueling preparation, this should be the easy part, right? Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. The good news is there are a number of ways to simplify your trade show installation experience, while still keeping the stress to a minimum.

Arrive Early

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by how many exhibitors arrive at the last minute. They expect to breeze through the setup process, only to find out that it is much more complicated than anticipated. Whenever possible, arrive as early as the venue will allow. After all, you've spent considerable amounts of time and resources to create your amazing display, so the last thing you want to do is lessen its impact by throwing it together haphazardly! Take the extra time to do it right and you'll thank yourself later.

Practice Makes Perfect

It's unlikely that you would show up for an important business presentation or meeting without first rehearsing your speech or sales pitch. So why would you arrive at a marketing event without ever having set up your exhibit? In this scenario, it truly does pay to be prepared. Before leaving, do a few trial runs to ensure you're clear on the installation process - especially if you're working with a new exhibit. And be sure every staff member working the event knows how to set up your booth. You never know when a co-worker might come down with the flu, leaving you responsible for the entire installation.

Consider Portable Displays

It goes without saying that the most elaborate and technically-advanced trade show stands are typically the most complex to install. For many companies, these luxurious displays are non-negotiable. However, if you're comfortable working on a smaller scale, consider portable displays, such as banner stands and pop up displays. Portable displays are cost-effective, easy to transport and, most importantly, simple to put together. Many portable displays take only minutes to install, so you can focus your energy on more important tasks. Not only are these varieties incredibly affordable to buy, but they can also save money on shipping and transportation.

Hire Professional Help For Your Trade Show Installation

If you have a highly complex display, and your budget permits, enlist the services of a reputable trade show installation company. This will ensure that your display is installed perfectly, resulting in a less worrisome installation experience. Remember, if you're stressed out when working your trade show stand, attendees will sense it, quickly moving on to the next exhibit. By seeking professional setup assistance, you'll be energetic and ready to go the minute the doors open!
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