More Profit With Email Marketing

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More Profit With Email Marketing

Email has come a long way since it was a novelty for early adopters of the Internet to become a necessity of the present times. Today, all we use active email account must create exclusion lists to prevent spam we receive on a daily basis in our message boxes. Marketers realized from the start that the true potential of email lay in the ability to leverage the hidden value of customer databases. In the beginning, companies send one mass email to an entire database and hoped for the best. Measurements of efficiency and control tests were minimal reception, and the results were always a little disappointing. For users, receive email from these companies went from being a novelty to be a nuisance because of the massive and invasive techniques created, and the results were even more unacceptable. As technology evolved, so did the email. Marketers began using segmentation databases and provide content oriented specific customer groups. Moreover, the custom messages when recipients could reach were more receptive. Although this method gradually began to show results and provided a minimum return on investment, time consuming, prone to human error and is largely static. Today, programs email marketing should be built around the real needs and perspectives of customers, and not on the needs of marketers. This means that customers should be heard. Like it or not, now they have the power and also control. This is demonstrated when our shipments or eliminate direct filter spam mails from their boxes. Only once this shift in power is recognized, we will make the messages reach the inboxes of users. This means that the products are no longer sold through e-mail, but the e-mail began to be used to meet a particular need, real and immediate. When customers want to buy is the time when email marketing is really effective. But all this is feasible in reality? How do you foresee the needs and desires of our customers and prospects?

Features and Benefits:

A quick and effective way to present your online business nationally and globally.

Effectively increase the number of visitors and transactions of your site.

Provide direct and timely information of your company, business or product with images, sound and text directly to the screen of the receiver.

Promote products and services.

Launch products, offers and new business opportunities.

Generate new sales.

Direct marketing to defined segments.

Personalized messages using the user name.

In essence, the marketing concept is an idea or philosophy that helps direct the marketing plans and actions for a given path - what is that path? - The satisfaction of needs and making profits. Therefore, and although not a new concept, we can still consider the concept of marketing is still something of a small compass that lets us know if we are on the right direction (from a marketing perspective) to reach the intended destination.Therefore, it is important for marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs do not underestimate this concept is today should know, understand and practice it because even a simple reveals the way to go.

But how can implement the Marketing Concept? In short, investigate what happens outside (in the market) and then make decisions and implement actions to meet needs in a cost effective... That is, first we do the work to "investigate" and "interact" with customers (current and potential) to determine: 1) what they need and want (still not being satisfied or not in the way they expected), 2) what price really can and are willing to pay and what mode (cash or credit), 3) they would prefer to buy it (shops, supermarkets, internet, a door to door salesman, etc.), 4) What is something that gets your attention and persuade to buy (TV advertising, specialized sales, sales promotion), etc, etc and etc... Then, and somewhat more explained:

Instead of thinking and rethinking product that the company could produce and offer to the market (type, size, color, weight, performance, durability, presentations, etc...), we must first investigate what it is that customers really need and want. And that is the starting point... For this you need to do market research (like it or not the idea), whether hiring a specialized company or using company resources, so that they can have a clear idea about the needs and desires niche or market segment of interest.

Then, instead of guessing numbers or complicated to price, we investigate the real purchasing power of potential customers and how much they would be willing to pay and what mode of payment. This is not a simple task and may require the support of a market research company specializing, because we consider that the price is the only element of the marketing mix that generates revenue. It is therefore important not to make mistakes at this point because if offered a high price to buy it so maybe nobody needs it, if it's a low price, the company loses money (which we can not afford)...

Then you should think about how customers will access the product, and instead of deciding for them assuming that we are right, that if they would like to investigate where it available (in supermarkets, convenience stores, at the door of home, internet, etc...).And of course, we must think of the promotion, just do not assume that what we like and our attention so does customer. In the end, whether we like it or not us, what really matters is that the promotion has to be able to capture the customer's attention, generate interest, arouse their desire to finally achieve acting buying the product. To do this, we need to investigate, for example, testing with small groups to learn what it is that best meets these premises.

What customers really want or hope to give you some idea on white (random, as in a casino or at the time of buy lottery tickets), we must remember that today, more than before the "control" what does the customer (who is increasingly well informed and have access to more and more options). So, from the point of view of the Marketing Concept, it is better to take the time to selectively target (investigating, researching and investigating) soon to identified a need or desire unsatisfied, proceed to get it in the best possible way to do taking care exchange for a utility or benefit. And this is in a nutshell; implement the Concept of Marketing. Now, some may think that all this is easy to say but difficult or impossible to implement... Well, I think that way is to have a "production oriented" (something over 40 years ago and was obsolete)... In reality, there is nothing impossible to do, you may have your degree of complication, but it is the way most likely to give us the success we want.

Conclusion: The marketing concept is as an idea or philosophy that translates into a way of acting in the market that is characterized by target marketing plans and actions towards meeting the needs and desires of the client while it makes a profit for the company or organization that implements it. In this sense, and to implement the marketing concept we need to get used to research the market all the time... And more importantly, to relate CONTINUOUSLY WITH CLIENTS... This will mean that we can make better decisions based on real market information (not assumptions), which will prevent random action is taken (as we were in a casino or buying lottery tickets) which can result in losses after losses. Better go for what is most likely to succeed..
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