Create a Unique Selling Proposition that Pulls in Customers Like a Giant Magnet

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If you are in sales for your company, many times the business does not have a unique selling proposition that will move the product you are trying to sell.
Instead, you will have to come up with a USP on your own.
Here are a few strategies that you can use to build a statement that keeps customers for life.
Read on to find out more.
The unique selling proposition (USP) is the single most important buildingblock in marketing.
It is the foundation upon which all other sales are built.
This statement can also become an elevator pitch, where you have something pre-prepared every time a person asks what you do.
The entire sales process should be wrapped around the unique selling proposition, so it's very important that you can deliver before you make any claims.
Your USP will tell your customers exactly what you or your product will do for them better than any other choice available to them, including doing nothing at all.
It is a statement that says your product will solve their problem better than the competition in a certain way.
Avoid making broad general statements here.
You will want to show credibility and make the boldest statement you can make about the product.
This is no time to be bland and boring.
The USP should be exciting.
Once you have your unique selling proposition, you should emblazon it on you business cards, emails, and everything else you have in relation to your product.
This is a message that the customers need to see consistently.
The customer needs to know that they will get the same treatment every time they visit your business.
This is why you need to be able to live up to the statement for the long haul.
Never make a claim that you either cannot make or cannot afford to make.
Look at your competitors.
Observe their marketing messages and make yours a completely different offer.
This is where there is a first-mover advantage.
If you can think of a new way to position your product and other people follow later, you will always be pegged as the leader of that idea.
Your unique selling proposition needs to be powerful enough to bring the customer into the sale.
You will need to believe in the statement as well.
There is nothing that you can do to convince a customer of something while they can hear the hesitation in your voice.
Once you have the USP created, you will need to keep using it for a long time.
This is not a place to change messages frequently or it will lead to customer confusion.
Once you have your message written, you will be miles ahead of the other sales people in your organization without one.
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