How to Use Write-on Paints

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    • 1). Compile all of your supplies together before beginning to paint. Make sure you have your can of write-on paint, a paint roller and a container to pour the paint in. You should also take this time to choose a wall to paint on. Use any wall in your house.

    • 2). Wipe down the wall that you will be using with a damp cloth. Cleaning the wall will remove any dust or loose dirt that would otherwise mix with the paint. Use a dry cloth to dry off the wall.

    • 3). Apply the write-on paint to the wall with a paint roller. According to Resene, it may be best to cover the entire wall, as to not confuse anyone when they are writing on it. Covering the entire wall with paint will avoid someone writing on an area that doesn't have write-on paint. Apply two coats for a more solid color.

    • 4). Allow the paint to dry overnight. Resene states that individuals should wait 48 hours before writing on the wall. Use dry erase markers to write on the wall.

    • 5). Wash off the dry erase marker characters or letters with a damp cloth. It is best not to use permanent markers because any writing used with these markers cannot be removed.

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