Choose Your Rugs According to Your Specific Need!

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Buying the rugs can leave you in utter confusion as to the type that you choose. For a functional need, go for a modern one, while for an aesthetic need, you may prefer a traditional rug.

Among the home textiles that carry a lot of artistic value owing to their designs, textures and colors, the Persian Rugs are the foremost. Rugs and carpets have a deep history in and around Persia, a region that is presently in Iran. People from Persia were masterpieces in producing wonderfully acclaimed rugs since the medieval ages. That was the time when strong and robust handlooms were being developed in the region. The basic purpose of these looms was to be able to weave the rugs and carpets that used to be very heavy. Made mostly out of pashmina and other varieties of coarser wool, these carpets needed the looms to be extremely robust in order to incapacitate them to make the carpets. The handlooms of those days recovered from Central Asia and Persia were found to be made out of the best quality of wood!

One problem with the conventional rugs and carpets from Central Asia was that they needed a lot of time to be made. As a result, their cost was high. So, they could be afforded by only the royal families. Many remnants of medieval age carpets from the royal families of Persia, Central Asia, Mongolia and Mughal India speaks of this. Even the literature of those times speaks of the beautiful rugs being used for the kings and queens. However, the high cost was made up for by the intricacy of design that they bore on them. The traditional weavers treated these as pieces of art and would put in enormous energy and time in them to get unimaginable designs. These designs were highly governed by Islamic art and motifs, since the weavers of those times in Persia belonged to that religion.

Later on, Modern Rugs were started to develop once the handlooms were converted to power looms through the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. These rugs were less costly owing to higher rate of production. Thus, they could be afforded by common people too. However, these Modern Rugs suffered a setback in the sense that they were not aesthetically as appealing as the Persian Rugs. The reason was simple- the detailed intricacy could not be achieved on the power looms that was easily possible on handlooms.

In a rug store, you will probably end up finding both types of rugs. While the modern ones will have amazingly different colors, simple geometric designs and varying sizes, the contemporary ones would have fewer colors on them and would be available in lesser number of sizes. But the older ones would be much richer in textures and designs, and so are liable to be more costly. Thus, when you decide on a rug buying, you have to see the aesthetic as well as functional need. For aesthetics, you may prefer the traditional ones while for functionality which involves removal of dust and dirt, the contemporary modern ones would be more suitable. The room for which you are buying is also going to be an important deciding factor.
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