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More than ever, individuals are searching for a legitimate way to make money from home.
Increasingly people have become discouraged by the policies of big corporations.
They're tired of being down-sized, laid off, receiving reduced insurance benefits for a higher premium, receiving fewer benefits such as sick days, holidays, bonuses, company matches to 401K (if they still offer a retirement option) and the list goes on.
Companies that used to depend on the loyalty of their employees have discarded that ideal in exchange for cheaper alternatives and this has resulted in huge masses of people aggressively seeking other ways to satisfy their financial needs.
Network Marketing is the one business that continually thrives during a poor economy; additionally, Network Marketing is especially successful during times of financial down-turn.
Do you know how many Network Marketing Comanies exist.
There are literally thousands.
Additionally, there are new Network Marketing businesses popping up every day.
How do you decide which is the best company for you? Here are a few key traits to look for when finding the right company.
When that first Network Marketing offer comes along, don't accept it.
Too many people enter this industry because somebody (possibly a friend) approached them with, what seems like, a great and exciting business offer.
Do your due-diligence and it will pay off in the end.
Do your research.
How long has the company been operating?.
The standard you're looking for is at least 5 years.
If the company has been around for at least 5 years, then you know it's stable and has weathered some difficulties within the economy.
90% of all Network Marketing companies fail within the first 2 years.
They do.
So, if your company has been around for 5 years they are in the top 10% of this industry.
There are always exceptions, which is why you must weigh all the factors being discussed here.
Consider yourself in this equation.
You want to join a company that you know will be around for the long term.
You don't want to join the ranks of Network Marketing just to make a quick buck (though you may).
You want to join a business that you intend to be with as long as that company exists; so you want a company that is enduring and will be around for a long time.
Does the company have the money to keep going over time, considering growth? In other words, does it have the money to update its' technology over time and with growth? Does it have sufficient funds to pay all affiliates, as well as support staff such as technical support teams and training teams? 4.
Pay close attention to the products that the company sells.
You must consider whether or not the products are easily accessible, reasonably priced, unique, and relevant to today's market place.
Boy! That is a mouthful and an article all by itself.
Consider this..
Do the products that this company is built around "stand out in the crowd"? Or, are they just another company that, in order to be legal, has to throw in some products to sell? You want products that prospects will like and want, but are not the same as something they can buy cheaper at the local grocery store or pharmacy.
When I suggest that the products should be relevant in today's market place I'm saying that you won't have success working in a company that's centered around outdated products or fads.
Does the product fit a real need? As a final issue, consider whether you fit the products, and whether the products fit you.
What do I mean by this? Simply, do you feel a little out of place with these products or are you comfortable selling them?? 5.
Completely evaluate and understand the compensation plan.
All compensation plans are not equal, and they all vary in one way or another.
My personal favorite are the companies that have a "one up" or "two up" plan.
With the "two up" plan, this means that the first two people your prospect brings in go to you.
In turn, this means that once you bring in as many prospects as you're comfortable with, your marketing needs, and therefore your marketing costs, significantly diminish.
take into account whether the company provides you with the technology to help you advertise and attain your goals.
I discuss this issue in great detail in previous article and you can read the details there (In that article I discuss training, webinars, and one-on-one contact/training with your upline).
One component I didn't mention in the previous article is the autoresponder.
You want your company to either have, or have access to an autoresponder to help with your business.
Is the individual who introduced you to the business excited about working with you to achieve your goals? Is he/she committed to you? Will they work with you one-on-one daily until you are ready to be "released"? Further, will you be willing to do the same when you join? All these issues can be rooted out by researching the company via Google or other network marketing sites.
Additionally, ask questions of your upline.
Any and all questions are allowable.
If your upline is hesitant to answer (though he/she shouldn't be), then find other resources.
I hope this communication is of great value to anyone searching for their way out of a staggering corporate world, and into the exciting arena of Network Marketing.
My desire is to see each and every one of you succeed in whichever business you choose.
Nancy Shillingford
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