How to Handle Unexpected Error Number 80010108 Has Occurred in Crystal Report

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For developers or programmers would know Reporting Tools, there are many kinds and quite in the know is Crystal Report. Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources. Several other applications, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, bundle an OEM version of Crystal Reports as a general purpose reporting tool. Crystal Reports became the de facto standard report writer when Microsoft released it with Visual Basic. Crystal Report is a reporting tool that is quite popular and widely used by the developer because the features offered are quite complete. Still Reporting tool is not without flaw, such as not giving an error message when failing to display the report. In fact it appears the error information when we held the packing plant or create installer.
At the time of making the application installer created with Visual Basic 6 and in which there preparing reports using crystal report, an error message when I offered the following: " Unexpected Error Number 80010108 has occurred: Automation error The object invoked has disconnected from its Clients. " Please read once again, not in the least indicate which parts of the application that failed to package into the installer, even when we test the source code even if all programs run smoothly without the slightest error.

The message appears if we make the installer use the Package and Deployment Wizard that is included in Visual Studio when we click the Finish button to create an installer package.

After investigation it turns out the error was caused by a file dependency information for ActiveXControl crystl32.ocx. we must know the file is used to display reports created by crystal report ktia. Crystl32.ocx file requires multiple files in the function of which is crpe32.dll.

To resolve the error we have to change existing files crystl32.dep in system32 folder on the Windows sub folders. This file has a hidden attribute, so make sure your system can display hidden files attribute. Maybe when you find the file through the search facility on windows, Windows can not find this file, therefore look for it manually.

Open file crystl32.dep with a text editor such as Notepad, and make changes to the following session

[ CRPE32.DLL ]
Dest = $ ( WinSysPath )
Uses1 = CRPE32.DLL
Uses2 =

change to

, [ CRPE32.DLL ]
; Dest = $ ( WinSysPath )
; Uses1 = CRPE32.DLL
; Uses2 =
( add a semicolon or; at the beginning of the line.

Save the file, please recreate your crystal report application installer.
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