Attraction Marketing - The Single Most Important Marketing Technique You Will Ever Learn

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If you want to get more leads, sponsor more reps and be the number 1 leader in your company, then this will be the most important marketing strategy you will ever learn.
Once you master this strategy you won't need to go out and pitch your business ever again, you will actually have people calling you with credit card in hand asking you what your business is about and how they can get started.
Essentially, attraction marketing means positioning yourself as a leader and an expert in your niche.
This is not something you could just go out and tell people straight out.
No-one will follow you if you walk up to someone and tell them you are an expert.
You have to show them the value of working with you.
When applying this technique to internet marketing we can use a number of strategies to show people we are an expert.
Some of these strategies that are commonly used today are social networking such as Facebook and MySpace, forum marketing, article marketing and blogging.
What we are doing when we write content to post various sites is we are marketing ourselves, not our businesses.
We are showing people that we are skilled in this particular area of expertise and we are branding ourselves.
You need to understand that people follow other people, not businesses.
You can try to promote a company all you like but if someone doesn't like you they won't join you.
People also hate being sold to, so using this approach they won't feel like they're being pressured to join you.
They will simply see you as a professional and an expert and one day they will probably join your business because they can see that you are having a lot of success from it.
They don't have to know how many reps you have or how much money you are making.
In fact, most people doing the traditional MLM marketing methods will probably join you just because you know how to market online which is way more than their upline would have taught them.
People will be drawn to you because of the value you can bring to the table.
So what are you waiting for? Start writing articles, post comments in forums and start a blog.
Let people know you're serious about being successful and making them successful, because after all, in MLM if you cannot help others achieve success then you will not be successful yourself.
Get out there and start branding yourself.
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