What"s Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction and How Does God Fit in Recovery

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Drug addiction is a chronic and extreme compulsion to satisfy cravings within the brain through the recurring use of a substance regardless the cost or consequences.
It is a condition that involves gripping drug use, craving and seeking, withdrawal, and dysfunctional behavior.
It has the ability to take someone's joyfulness, obliterate their purpose and testimony, and in some cases kill them given a long enough time table.
And in contrast to a lot of other diseases, it will never be entirely cured...
but it can be arrested.
But Isn't Taking Drugs a Choice...
Addiction is quite involved.
Lots of people can't understand how and why other people get addicted, and might have some misconceptions regarding this disease.
When a man or woman first decides to take drugs, it is at that point undeniably a choice.
Some sample it out of curiosity while others are pushed into it as a result of social and financial conditions, but modern brain scanning technology (PET and SPECT scans) has revealed how the choice to take drugs soon dissipates and becomes a physical and psychological dependence by which the user incrementally loses his capacity to "choose" to stop using due to a kind of neural damage that impacts decision making.
What Addiction does to the Brain A complete account of the impacts of long term drug and alcohol abuse in the brain is outside the scope of this synopsis, but briefly:
  • Drugs are chemical compounds that tap into the brain's communication system and disrupt how that nerves receive, transmit, and process information.
  • Drugs flood the system with dopamine which creates euphoria.
    The damage and conditioning from dopamine flooding however causes the brain to cut back the amount of dopamine it produces which results in depression along with cravings.
  • Drugs are neurotoxins that destroy the brains serotonin delivery system.
    Serotonin is a neurotransmitter thatregulates mood, appetite, and sensory perception.
  • Drugs annihilate the prefrontal cortex which is the part of the brain responsible for whether or not we perform on impulses or not.
    This region of the brain in essence controls inhibitions among additional decision making functions.
Some of this damage is sadly permanent.
But the human body and brain are unbelievably resilient and capable of repairing a great deal of this harm if given the time and healthy living to do so.
What Chemical Dependence Does to the Spirit Drug dependence facilitates the emotional and spiritual death of an individual by stealing any possibility to experience joyfulness and purpose outside of drug use.
And even during use, that form of joy is short lived and hollow.
It is a lonely, sick, and gloomy place that has no regard for how good or bad a person is, how they were raised, or how strong or weak their will-power is.
It attacks any individual from any social group and is extremely related to the occult and to the demonic.
Its tentacles extend from the addict toward everyone who loves or cares about the addict.
Most important though is that addiction generates a riff between God and the addict and opens people to evil influences that lead to crime, high risk sex and high risk behaviors, and an uncompromising sense of hopelessness and despair.
God does not wish for anyone to live and suffer like this.
There is Hope of Healing inside Recovery through the Highest Power Imagine how incredible it would feel to be free of the pain and agony caused by addiction.
As opposed to tears there would be smiles and laughter.
Instead of court dates there could be significant family celebrations and promotions at work.
Instead of being looked down on, you'd encourage others by your amazing story of liberation.
Being freed from addiction of course doesn't assure any of this, but it surely does create the enormously genuine possibility of these types of things happening.
Recovery is impossible outside of God.
Every secular 12 step program believes this regardless of whether they call Him a different name.
Lots of addicts have been stuck within a cycle of addiction and relapse for the reason that they continue to depend on their own strength.
Recovery from addiction is about relying on strength that one does not inherently posses, but does posses as a part of a collective of like-minded persons who're being led by God.
God has a unique ability to restore people and use them to exalt Him, and He's the ultimate bringer of hope and healing.
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