Puppy Training

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You've brought home your very first puppy, now what? Finding a suitable puppy and bringing it home is only the very first step in building a successful relationship with your dog.
There are many responsibilities placed on you as the dog owner, essentially that puppy is now your baby that you've got to care for.
If you care for your dog correctly in the beginning it will lead to a happy, healthy dog (and owners) for its whole life and even lead to better comfort in your dog's old age.
Puppy training starts from the very first moment you introduce your pup to your home.
Naming your puppy is probably the first step every owner takes in training their animal.
By calling the pup by the same name over and over again the pup starts to realize that is his identity and he needs to react when that name is called out.
oThe first thing that you as the owner needs to accept is that, in most circumstances anyway, your little puppy is not going to perform miracles and is not a genius.
Don't expect too much.
oEach dog is an individual and has its own tendencies to play, try not to force the pup during training sessions.
oIt is commonplace for puppies to get bored during training and once bored they will not pay any attention to you.
So keep the training sessions short and entertaining for the little one.
oPraise, praise, praise.
For all good attempts at following commands always praise your dog.
Keep treats such as dog biscuits handy for your canine.
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