Accessories In Your Home Can Pack A Powerful Punch

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If you have spent a lot of time designing each and every room of your home, at some point you may run out of inspiration. Most people have at least one room left over that is used less frequently than other rooms, and it is often neglected design wise. It may serve as a storage space instead of additional space for living. While renovations can be costly, the process does not have to cost a lot of money. There are ways to create a comfortable, inviting space without investing a lot of time or money. The trick is to add accessories to the space that are eye catching and that reflect the personality of everyone living in the home. The best starting place is with the artwork. Picking a few special pieces will really make a statement. You can highlight the pieces of art with a battery picture lights. A battery picture light will add illumination to the room and highlight the photo or painting.

In many cases, art pieces can serve as the inspiration for the entire room. If you have a favorite piece, use it as inspiration and build your problem room around this one piece. Choosing items for your space that feel personal helps you enjoy the room.

Once you have chosen your artwork, add even more color to a space with fabrics and textiles. Often, the paint, flooring and furniture will drive your color choices in many cases. However, if you have chosen neutrals for these larger pieces, it leaves you plenty of options for accessorizing with bold, bright colors. Soften the space with throw pillows in two or three accent colors, and add comfortable blankets or throws to the space.

This way people will want to come into the room, sit, relax, and enjoy the area. Use the natural lighting to drive your accent color options. Brighter spaces should feature deeper colors, but spaces with fewer windows should stay brighter with lighter colors.

Finally, keep the space focused. When a room is secondary, it may revert to a catch all room, losing its focus. If you want to use your newly designed space to watch television, center the furniture around the TV and be sure there is no glare on the set. If the room is meant for relaxing and reading, personalize the space and keep it cozy.

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