How to Get the Best Mobile Broadband Internet Service

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    • 1). **Get Some Background**

      The options available for mobile broadband access to the internet are varied, and confusing. There are a host of plans at different prices, differing speeds, and possible limits to internet access, such as monthly usage caps. There are difference technologies in play like 3G, 4G, and WiMAX. And of course, coverage and service availability change depending on your location.

      Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about their plans. Find out what they use, and what they like and don't like about their service. Real world, up-to-date feedback from actual users can be a good guide.

      Also check the Mobile Broadband Reviews at ConsumerSearch is a terrific website that 'reviews the reviews'. They pull out the latest info from sites and magazines like Gizmodo,, Mobile-Broadband-Reviews, Consumer Reports, and many others, in order to bring you an easy-to-digest summary of the plans and services.

      The "Full Report" provides an excellent overview of mobile broadband technologies and services, while other features allow a quick comparison of the top services.

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      AT&T DataConnect Mobile Broadband

      **Consider AT&T DataConnect as a Low Cost, Light Weight Plan**

      Unlike most other providers, AT&T offers a budget plan starting at around $20 per month, with a monthly usage cap of 10MB. This will do for checking email, and some occasional web surfing. AT&T's 3G coverage generally gets high marks for speed in most major cities, but coverage is more limited in rural areas.

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      Clearwire Mobile Broadband

      **Look to Clearwire Wireless for Top Speed**

      Clearwire's 4G network wireless internet service is about as fast as your DSL... which is pretty fast for cell phone-based service. However, geographic coverage is still fairly limited for Clearwire, so this is not the service for travellers. Make sure Clearwire coverage is active in your area before diving in.

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      Sprint Mobile Broadband

      **Check Out Sprint Mobile for Broad Geographic Coverage**

      Sprint's mobile broadband service gets high marks from reviewers as a travel-friendly service, with good connection access and speed in many different areas of the US. Not everyone was enamored with Sprint's customer service, but hey, sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

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