How To Convert an Authority Website to a Blog

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The great thing about reading our famous articles is that you'll receive periodic updates on situations as we incur them. What this means is what when we face challenges with building our business, we're going to go ahead and let you in on them free so if you happen to run into a similar situation you'll be able to handle it easier. One of our Websites currently gets about 700 visitors a day. But we're starting to kick ourselves for not having it on a Wordpress Blog. We'll be making the move over the next 2 weeks or so, so you might see the site down for a couple of days while we make the transition.

So here's the Free Blog Tip I just promised you..

Basically if you want to convert a Website to a Blog all you have to do is edit your.htaccess file. You will want to use a 301 permanent redirect and here's why. By doing this you keep all the SEO Benefits. Also most servers are trained to read the.htaccess file on your server before they do anything else.

So since our Website is about 630 pages as of now, and it will start growing again soon once the Blog Conversion is complete since we can add posts a lot faster than uploading individual pages. The only way to make it work at least that we know of is to create one line of code for each page we want redirected.

How you would do this is simply add this code to your.htaccess file at the very bottom under any code that is currently there. Add as many of these lines as you need to. Go to the very bottom, create a couple extra spaces and simply enter these lines of code, each line represents a redirect. Please note Wordpress creates each post without the html extension so notice the similarities below. Also notice you can redirect from within deep directories.

redirect 301 /filename (dot) html yourdomain (dot) com/blogpost
redirect 301 /old//filename2 (dot) html yourdomain (dot) com/blogpost2
redirect 301 /real/old//filename2 (dot) html yourdomain (dot) com/blogpost3

And if you need to create an.htaccess file it's easy. Just open a brand new text file and save it as.htaccess and you're good. So as you can see above I'm creating a file with about 630 entries. Oh and one more tip while it's fresh in my mind, if you have an incomplete line of 301 code, expect your website to go down. You'll either have to trace the line of bad code and delete it, or start over with a blank file.

If our move goes smoothly, we shouldn't lose any traffic at all. You can do just about anything provided you take the time to properly research your options. Best of luck with all of your Websites and Blogs.
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