The Rose Has Played an Important Role in History

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Down thorough the centuries, humanity has held roses as a sacred flower, holding for it a lofty position within societies around this planet.
Even so, roses are much older than humanity as a whole.
Surprisingly, fossil examinations show that the rose has been in existence for 35 million years.
There are over one hundred and fifty separate species of rose and these are spread all throughout the Earth's Northern Hemisphere.
It is currently believed that these flowers were initially cultivated by those in China around five thousand years ago.
The city of Rome is where the first gardens with roses were established and this city is the location where they came to be tied in with the nobles of the land.
In the years to come, this flower would come to be a symbol for all forms of political struggles, even the 'War of the Roses' in early England.
All through human history, roses have continued to be quite sentimental to individuals in high roles because of their highly attractive appearance.
Roses in the past were sought after and fervently appreciated because they brought such a sensitive and somehow solid addition of color and style to all the places where they were grown.
In artwork, these flowers became a frequent subject due to the fact that they were considered one of the best loved floral studies in painting, the preliminary tradition of visual art to take flight and garner a worldwide following.
Even these days, paintings of roses remain quite popular and very much sought after by the public.
In legends, roses have been a widely used symbol, because of both the blossom and thorns.
The flower has come to indicate virtue and attractiveness but the thorns were depicted to be the guards of this beauty.
In earlier times, women also employed parts of roses to make their menstrual period less painful and so roses became a useful medicine in folk solutions, as well.
This is a important piece of the rose's prestige, it has had many meanings over time and has come to be a highly powerful representation of courting, too.
Naturally, once people discovered the joys of home gardens, roses had become a premiere flower to choose.
A lot of different types of roses were made till there happened to be a rainbow of colors and many different appearances for choices.
Presently, gardeners throughout the planet see roses to be the greatest flower to be raised since not just does it smell sweet and have really beautiful blossoms, it will make a great gift for all occasions.
This is why a lot of people are partial to the rose and as you might see, without it human history would be much less beautiful.
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