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How to Make Simple Paper Flowers

There are many craft activities that involve the creation of complex, three-dimensional tissue paper flowers. Sometimes a simple approach is better-suited to your needs. Creating simple paper flowers with children is an enjoyable paper craft that also puts fine motor skills to work, while reinforcin

Tips on Homemade Paint Booths

Homemade paint booths can be used for finishing furniture, painting car parts and performing other painting, spraying and finishing jobs that could be messy and full of dangerous fumes without a booth. A paint booth is designed to contain the spray from a painting or finishing operation and take pot

How to Install New Grommets on a Flag

If you are making a flag or have one that does not already have grommets, you might find it difficult to properly display it. Grommets can be added using a few tools that can be purchased inexpensively from a craft supplies store or hardware store. Once you add grommets, you can hang it on a pole to

How to Make a Carrying Case for Display Banners

Promoting a small business or event as well as decorating a party often includes a display banner. The case protects the banner for storage or to move it to a specific location. It often includes two dowel-like inserts to roll the banner around ensuring smooth corners and edges. Though cases are mad

How to Craft With Bowling Balls

Bowling balls can be decorative accents in your garden or on your patio if you transform them into mosaics with tiles, broken ceramics and mirrors. You can find used bowling balls at local yard sales and thrift stores and mosaic supplies at your local craft store. This inexpensive project is simple

DIY Sock Monkey Costumes

If Halloween or a costume party is fast approaching and you're still without a costume, try making a sock monkey. Making a sock monkey costume at home does not need to involve knitting a giant sock, fortunately. Use items you may already have in your closet, such as a sweat suit, as the base of the

Crafts for Kids 11 & Up

craft template image by Ruslana Stovner from Fotolia.comAs kids grow and become "tweens," their fine motor control improves and they develop a greater capacity for understanding complicated artistic ideas. For kids 11 years old and older, the range in craft possibilities has expanded and...

How to Make a Mosaic on Mesh

Mosaic tile mesh is an easy method to created complicated mosaics before attaching them to the surface of an element such as a wall. If you try to attach the mosaic tiles directly to the wall, they might have problems staying in place until the glue dries. By attaching them to wire mesh on a flat su

How to Crochet Beach Coverups

Crochet a project that is practical for the summer months or in a warm climate by making a cover up for the beach. Wear this versatile garment in a variety of different ways. Tie it around your waist like a skirt, or knot it at the shoulder for a full-body cover up. This project requires only a few

Noisemaker Crafts

Noisemaker crafts provide a fun way for children to learn about music, art and various sounds. These projects work well in daycare and educational settings, as well as at home with individual children. Noisemaker craft projects can be altered to meet the needs of children of varying ages.

How to Hand Sew a Decorative Embroidery Chain Stitch

If you're a passenger on a long road trip or just looking for something to do with your hands while watching the latest episode of Heroes or Drop Dead Diva you might want to take up hand stitching or embroidery.There are numerous stitches you can learn to use to decorate blankets, pillow

How to Make Paper Fangs

A vampire without fangs is as insipid as attempting to celebrate Halloween without candy. A vampire simply must have fangs. Using semi-water-resistant paper and a good denture cream adhesive, you can make your own realistic-looking set of paper fangs in one afternoon. Don't suck the life out of your

How to Make a Sand Hourglass

An hourglass uses sand to measure a certain amount of time. Some hourglasses are made out of glass, as the name suggests, while some are made out of plastic. Children of all ages can make their own hourglass at home using sand, two old soda bottles and a few other materials that can usually be found

The Best Way to Store Small Parts

Many different items that you have in your house have a number of small parts. It's important to ensure that these parts can be easily located for future use. This applies to back-up parts for pieces of furniture, hardware screws, nuts and bolts or small parts for toys or games. There are a few gene

Cigarette Rolling Machines-Can They Save You Money?

Cigarette rolling machine are a great purchase that will help to make your life much easier. You'll find one of the factors to consider when finding a machine is to be certain that it can mak

How to Make a Stylized Bird From a Seashell

If you want to create cute birds made with seashells, you can do it in no time at all. When you're walking along the beach and enjoying the sand between your toes, pick up a seashell and throw it into your bag. The shells you collect can become bodies, wings or heads once you take them home and clea

Coin Shooting - A Treasure Finder's Hobby (Part 2)

In part one of this three part series, we discussed coinshooting without using any electronic instruments. In this segment we will look at coin shooting with a metal detector and how-to-elements of metal detecting research. ...

How to Convert Knit Stitches to Crochet Stitches

When you find a knitting pattern you really love, but you want to work it in crochet, you are faced with a challenge. Knit and crochet stitches are not exactly interchangeable and technically cannot be converted. Nevertheless, you can replace stitches to give the crochet pattern a similar look as th

How to Make a Softball Lineup Card for Men

You must take several considerations into account when making a batting lineup for a softball team. First and foremost is what type of league it is.There are differences in lineup-making for fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball. Fast-pitch softball is played much like baseball, and has similar strateg