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How to Put a Hitch on a 2007 Honda Accord

The 2007 Honda Accord comes standard with a 2.4-liter, in-line four-cylinder engine, which produces 166 horsepower and the optional 3.0-liter, V-6 engine produces 244 horsepower. Both engines are suitable for towing a small trailer designed to tow 2,000 lbs. or less. For this reason, several compani

How to Replace Performance Fuel Injectors

Replacing performance fuel injectors is a fairly simple process. If you're not familiar with your fuel injector system, grab your vehicle's repair manual to assist along the way. It is also a good idea to keep the manufacturer's guidelines for the performance injectors withhin arm's reach.

How to Compare Auto Front Seat Legroom

Front seat legroom is important when comparing vehicles for comfort. Automotive companies provide the front legroom space in inches in their specification reports. The three most commonly used sites for automobile reports are NADA, Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.

Tips For Cleaning Car Windows

Cleaning the windows of your car is easy but really having clean windows that shine is not an easy job. Many people go by with just throwing water at the windows, some clean it with sponge and water, and some just rely on the good old car wash to keep their car and the windows clean. However, a lot

How to Get More Horsepower Cheap

Enthusiasts measure a vehicle's ability to run at top speeds with horsepower. The power and torque applied to a vehicle's wheels during operation determines the horsepower. Increasing stock horsepower on a vehicle requires expensive, aftermarket upgrades. Inexpensive options offer increases to your

How to Check Oil Level in a 1999 Suzuki Marauder

Checking your Marauder's oil level before leaving the safety of your driveway should be an important step on your pre-ride checklist. Even though Suzuki designed the Maurauder's 805cc v-twin motor to endure long miles of freeway riding, the motor relies on a steady supply of oil to lubricate its int

How to Flush a Brake System

Since the fluid in your brake lines absorbs water -- which eventually corrodes your brakes -- your brake system needs to be flushed once every two years or 30,000 miles. As water and dirt gets into your brake system, it also reduces performance. Doing the job at home saves you money and is fairly ea

How to Get Strawberry Syrup out of a Car's Carpet

Strawberry syrup is a tasty treat when mixed in your milk or poured over ice cream, but is not so welcome when spilled all over your car's carpet. It's important to quickly get it out of the carpet once it spills, as the red color can easily stain, and the stickiness of can become messy if left too

Add Accessories To Your Car And Enjoy A Comfortable Drive

Accessorising makes a car comfortable to drive and attractive to look. Dash kits, gear knobs, seat belts, lights, security alarm and a lot more car accessories are there that one can add to make his car flashy and comfy.

DIY: Blower Fan

Depending on your year, make and model vehicle, the blower fan could be located under the dash -- usually behind the glove box -- or on the firewall in the engine compartment. The switch on the dash and the blower motor resistor controls the blower fan speeds. The blower fan does not usually come wi

How to Adjust Suzuki Boulevard C50 Headlight

The Suzuki C50 Boulevard's headlight is situated at the front of the vehicle and is very important for safely operating your motorcycle. A misaligned headlight can be just as bad as a faulty headlight, or worse as it can blind oncoming traffic. Thankfully, Suzuki has included two adjustment screws o

How to Replace a Nutone Fan Motor

Nutone is a part of the Broan-Nutone Group that manufacturers a wide line of ventilation products. Nutone and Broan bath fans are common in many homes and offices. Over time, the fan motor attracts and collects dust and grime as it draws out moisture. This often causes the motor to burn out and rend

How to Flush a Transmission in the Ford F250

The automatic transmission in a Ford F250 requires flushing every 30,000 miles, according to Ford Motor Company's maintenance schedule for the truck. Flushing the transmission removes all the old transmission fluid and backwashes the transmission filter, essentially cleaning it off, so that it can s

Instructions on Changing the Oil in a 2005 Honda Pilot

Under normal conditions, Honda recommends that you check the oil of your 2005 Pilot SUV at every fuel stop and replace the oil and oil filter every 7,500 miles or every year--whichever comes first. Under severe conditions, like dusty terrain, towing or mountainous roads, change them every 3,750 mile

How to Replace a Ford A/C Compressor Clutch

The air-conditioning system in your Ford is basically a circulation loop through which refrigerant is pumped by a compressor. The refrigerant is a combination of gas and liquid that becomes very cold as it is compressed and then expanded. The chilled gas then flows from the compressor into an evapor

Breakers Yards - An Interesting Way to Buy a Nearly New Car

Recently a friend of mine came to me looking for help in buying a decent car as cheaply as possible. He had just purchased a new house and could not afford a brand new car, so a good car at a cut price was what he was after.

How to Install a WA55 Carb on a KT100

KT100 two-stroke engines found on many Yamaha quad karts receive fuel induction from a Walbaro WA55 carburetor. The carburetor is mounted at the back of the cylinder head above the engine case and is designed for two-stroke fuel mixtures. Installation is relatively easy for the average do-it-yoursel

How to Adjust the Idle Circuit on a Lawn Mower Carb

The idle circuit on a lawn mower carburetor controls the idle speed of a lawn mower. Most lawn mowers idle around 1,200 to 2,000 rpm, and this minimum speed is required to sustain combustion. If the idle drops below this speed, the engine will shut off. If the idle goes above this speed, the engine

How to Change a Fuel Filter on a 95 Escort 1.9

Often a forgotten filter element on any vehicle, the fuel filter is usually not at the top of the car check list to be inspected or replaced until it plugs and shuts off fuel flow. However, this can be avoided by simply replacing the fuel filter on the Ford Escort every three years or 36,000 miles.