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Looking for a Job Change? Learn the Right Mantra!

Changing a job, undoubtedly, is a tough decision to make. Before you make such a crucial decision it would be right to take some time off and analyze the exact circumstances and the reason behind ...

Standard Federal Agent Side Arm

Federal Agents have been required to carry a sidearm since the 1930s. The academy training for a federal agent requires extensive training in weapons. Federal weapons training includes simulated drills with different weapons and courses that train and test agents on their ability to make quick decis

Job Search Management Tools

It's critically important to manage your job search, get organized, and to be able to respond immediately to job openings you're qualified for, to inquiries from employers, and to be able to follow up on jobs you've applied to and contacts you have outreached to. These job search mana

Types of Forensic Psychology Jobs

Forensic psychology is an area of forensic science in which the principles of psychology are applied to the study of crime and the criminal justice process. Forensic psychologists generally earn a master's or doctoral degree in forensic psychology or another area of psychology with a...

Registered Nursing Information

A registered nurse is a health professional who has been licensed by the state to provide health care for patients. RNs must complete a series of classes, earn a degree from an accredited school of nursing or other institution of higher learning and pass state licensing exams in order to enter the f

Ideas for Refinishing a Lane Cedar Chest

For decades, individuals used Lane cedar chests for storing personal items, blankets and a host of other objects. After years of use, the chests show wear and tear. Storing the chest in a closet or basement may result in years or smoke or dirt residue and even yellowing of the finish. Refinishing id

Demystifying Job Applications

Applying for a job can be nerve wracking.How you go about it will determine whether you will get your dream job or whether you will have to go on looking.Here are some tips for an effective and successful job application.

What Not To Wear In a Professional Workplace

Experts have always said that they way you dress can play a big role in your professional career. They even say that it can make or break you especially during an interview. This is because ...

Social Media in Recruitment? Beware the Narcissist

Approximately 27% of employers view social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to get a better taste of a candidate's character beyond their CV and application form. But is it fair for employers to do this and what are the risks?

What Is an Anesthesia Technician's Job Description?

Anesthesia technicians provide patient care in health environments such as hospital operating rooms, private practice settings and clinics. These health care professionals work under the direct supervision of nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists.

How to Manage in a Multi-Generational Workplace

According to a 2007 article in the "Vancouver Province," the modern workforce comprises four generations trying to work together, and that milieu leads to inevitable management challenges. A document published the same year by the AARP predicted that the World War II generation would make up 5 perce

How to Hire Using LinkedIn?

Did you know that over 150 million professionals are using LinkedIn? With such a huge network, LinkedIn has become one of the best platforms to discover, engage, contact and hire the best candidates.

Demand for Internal Audit Jobs Still Rising

If you'd been scouting for a new job in internal audit just five years ago, you'd have had a hard row of it. Jobs in the accountancy sector were down, firms cut back on staff and dropped their training modules in response to a downturn in the economy. Those firms are regretting their decis

Setting Your Strategy in Turbulent Times

Have you ever wondered how some people always manage to stay calm and clear headed about the correct steps to take, even in the most challenging of circumstances?There are two key factors in how they do this, and I explore each in this article.

Security Guard Employment

The modern Guard is a private individual employed by a security company working for various clients in differing capacities. Almost all security is a twenty-four hour a day job throughout the year and guards are ...

Military Careers Provide Unique Training and Excellent Job Opportunities

Military careers can provide many advantages. Military training, like other skills, must be used if it is to be maintained. When you decide to join the military, you are making a commitment to do what your country needs you to do to keep your homeland safe. This requires mental and physical discipli

I Was Getting Tired of the Yelling

Recently I have begun working with a number of clients that come from similar backgrounds as me. We grew up in towns made up of hard working parents predominantly in blue collar industries. We're from ...

Leadership Motivation - Effective Leadership Skills

Effective leadership skills is not merely a gift that you can be born with, they can also be learned. This is why it is important for a company to have a leadership motivation program. In this way, ev

Job Description of a Surgical Nurse

Surgical nurses are Registered Nurses (RNs) with specialized training in surgical care. They work within the context of the surgical team to provide care to individuals before, during and after a surgical procedure. There are several different types of surgical nursing, each of which carries unique