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Certified Construction Safety

Safety and health specialists within the field of construction are committed to preventing employee illness and injury. Safety and health specialists typically receive certification in construction safety as a part of their job requirements and to prove to employers they are qualified to implement s

Meet People for Love and Friendship

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How to Find Federal Jobs

If you are looking for a job and have entered the job market recently then you must be aware of the competition present in the job market. Jobs can either be government or private.

How to Print Payroll Stubs on Plain Paper With No Software

Payroll is a task that most businesses must perform, regardless of size. Many organizations use payroll software, which quickly generates and print payroll check stubs. A small business with few employees or a sole proprietorship might only need to print only small number of payroll stubs. Consequen

Why We Don't Deal With Poor Performance in the Workplace

One of the most frequent challenges I hear about comes from leaders that are having a hard time managing a poor performer in the workplace. More often than not we know that the employee is not delivering against our expectations and we may have even had a conversation with them to try to get to the

Electrician Job Description - People Who Make Our Lives Brighter

Before you take a step further and pursue this career, let's be clear about an electrician job description. An electrician basically installs, tests, connects and maintains electrical systems for homes, office and industrial purposes. Electricians specialize in both construction and maintenance

9 Things You Shouldn't Wear to a Job Interview

A big part of getting a job is making a good first impression, and a big part of making a good first impression is how you dress. Here's what not to wear on a job interview.

What You Should Do to Become a Model

For many people who wish to enter the fashion industry and gain fame and prestige for themselves, the most important thing is to learn the traits of a model. Unless they know the qualities of a model, they will be unable to enter the fashion industry or even be able to get some sort of recognition i

Medical Consultant Salaries

Professionals who are attracted to both consulting and the health care industry can pursue a career as a medical consultant. Managed care, patient relations, marketing, facilities planning and physician practice management are just some of the areas medical consultants advise clients on when examini

How to Track Mary Kay Inventory

To have a successful Mary Kay business, you will need to keep accurate inventory records. In order to track your sales, study sales trends and keep up with your profit margin, a good system is required. Even the most expensive software is useless if you do not use a regular, reliable tracking system

Salary Range of Academic Deans

Academic deans are the highest ranking and highest paid officials of educational institutions, under the president or chancellor, or provost or chief academic officer. They are the equivalent of corporate department heads, reporting directly to provosts or vice presidents. Because they come from fac

How to Transfer Military Training to Civilian Training

Soldiers sometimes have difficulty adjusting from military life into regular society. The skills they learned during times of conflict may not always translate to the private sector and effort needs to be made to adapt to a post-military life. Locating private jobs that requires military skills or b

How to Validate a CPN Number

Certified pediatric nurses, also known as CPNs, are nurses who specialize in administering care for adolescent and young children. Whether you are looking to hire a private CPN to take care of your child or are an employer for a hospital, you must check the credentials of a CPN before hiring him. Th

How to Become a Licensed Bail Bondsman in New York

According to the Department of State, a bail bondsman is an individual involved in the business of securing a person's release from custody on bail in a criminal proceeding, including finding, apprehending and later producing him before the court, in case he goes missing. On apprehending a fugitive,

Business Ethics - Your Success Depends Upon It

Whenever you conduct business, it is important to have a degree of business ethic. A lot can go wrong and will go wrong when you work for a business or run one of your own, so ensuring that you do show a high degree of ethic and not only keep you out of a lot of trouble, but get you out of trouble i

How to Use a Former Supervisor As a Reference

Former supervisors can provide helpful and insightful information to prospective employers because they have dealt with you on a personal and professional level. Your former supervisor's familiarity with your work makes him the go-to resource for a prospective employer to find out more about your kn