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How do I Finance a Harley Davidson With No Credit?

Financing a Harley-Davidson with no credit may be a lot easier than you think. Not having an established credit history means you don't have to worry about being rejected because of a history of late payments, charge-offs, collections and other credit blemishes. Sufficient income and stable employme

Can I Get a Credit Card With a Dismissed Bankruptcy?

In order to get a credit card, you have to meet the lending standards of the credit card company. Card companies typically require that you have a minimum credit score in order to qualify for a credit card. However, when you file for bankruptcy, your credit score typically suffers, making it harder

Why You Should Be Careful With Your Credit Card Details

It is important that you guard the details of your credit card and be extremely cautious about to whom you give this information. With the convenience of the Internet for shopping and paying bills using credit cards comes the risk of being conned out of your money by fraudsters who are constantly de

Credit Cards - Zero Interest Rate

Discover how to find a credit card that has a zero interest rate on credit cards. Read on for more interesting details.

Top Reasons Why An Online Store Is Easier To Run Than A Store Front

Business strategies have been changing at a brisk pace and more innovative ideas are trying to set into the business, so that, the business growth can progress smoothly. Nowadays, people who are into the business sector are trying to shifting their business strategy and trying to add an online busin

An Online Report For Student Credit Cards is Now Easily Obtainable

If you have never taken a good look at your credit report then now is the time to do it. You are entitled by law to one free copy of your credit report annually and you can now obtain it online. If you are a student applying for a credit card, then it is important that you get a good look at your cr

How to Improve FICO Scores on Your Own

As a certified debt elimination specialist, one of the most common concerns I encounter from my clients is with regards to their individual FICO scores. In this day and age it is not an exaggeration ...

Credit Traps For The Unwary

It's hard to imagine functioning in today's society without access to credit. However, you need to be careful not to fall victim to some of the pitfalls associated with it.

3 Ways You Can Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is becoming very common in America today. Sometimes, being in credit card debt can feel impossible to get out of, and it is hard to even try to get out of credit card debt because of the time and effort it will take.

How to Avoid Bankruptcy With Credit Cards

Many people who are knee deep in debt often feel that bankruptcy is their only option. However, when a person is at the point of bankruptcy, there are alternative ways to get out of debt, particularly if the debt is on a credit card. Many credit card companies are not going to see the majority of

Is Credit Dead in America?

The credit crisis has left millions of consumers with lots of questions regarding where they stand in the credit lending arena. Easy credit and nothing down mortgages are a thing of the past. So, is credit dead in America? Absolutely not!

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