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How to Remove the Front of a Cooler Master 690

The Cooler Master 690 is a computer case designed to hold custom-built computers, and keep them cool in the process. These cases are built to be taken apart. If you ever decide to install an additional hard drive, the front of the case has to come off to do so. Fortunately, this process is fairly st

How to Import Photos From CD-R to a Computer with Windows Vista

Photos are still images of memories that can last a lifetime, and today's technology offers several ways to preserve those memories. Saving photos to a CD is one of the most common and effective ways to store photo files taken by digital cameras. From there, you can import the photos saved on the CD

How to Convert a Computer Keyboard to a MIDI Keyboard

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is a protocol designed to permit various digital music tools, both physical and virtual, to communicate with each other. MIDI facilitates the programmatic control of digital instruments, time synchronization among various sequencers and the storage of musi

SE Primera Disc Publisher - A Complete Solution

Burning discs one by one, printing the stickers and applying those sticky labels manually is indeed a manpower consuming, time consuming and low performance job. As a result, you always remain under pressure to increase the production to meet out the demand.

How to Write in Cursive on Facebook

If you've seen a Facebook friend typing her status in what appears to be cursive letters, it might stump you because you cannot change Facebook's font. However, there is a trick to make it look like you are typing in cursive. This method involves using the "Character Map" from your operating system.

The ebXML Protocol

The extensible markup language (XML) is a method to format a page of data with a series of tags. Electronic business using XML (ebXML) is a standard for companies to exchange details, such as order and payment details.

How to Look for Affordable Computer Repair Tools From The Internet

The computer has become a major part of our lives today. The use of a laptop and desktop is now increasing common even amongst those as young as five years old, and even those that fall into the aged-folks category. The revolution called the Internet should be getting the accolades for this transfor

3 Ways to Promote Your Brand Without Facebook

Facebook is slowly but surely adjusting its algorithm to require brands to pay for exposure to their own fans. Recently, a blog post from Weber Shandwick mentioned that a Facebook vice president had announced that ...

How Can You Upgrade Your Laptop or Notebook?

Unlike a desktop PC or computer, a laptop has very few upgradable parts or components. So what can be upgraded internally and what is available to expand the functionality and life span of your laptop/notebook?

Ingredients in Computer Ink

Saving files onto a hard drive is an attractive convenience, and things such as efaxes, text messages and phone calls enable users to send information without necessitating something like a printout. However, hard copies are still needed once in a while.

Update Drivers the Hassle Free Way - Read More About It

If you don't have regular internet connection, you may discover that updating the drivers of your computer may be quite irregular. This is even more troublesome for those that are always on the move and have very little time to look into these essential features of their computers.

Building the Ultimate Gaming PC

Trying to build a strong gaming computer can be intimidating. This guide from Geek Sleek will help get you started and have you gaming on your new PC in no time!

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol used to exchange information over short distances from fixed devices. This exchange creates a personal area network (PAN). It can connect several different devices at once, reducing problems with synchronization. Bluetooth specifications are licensed by the Bluetooth

How to Boot AIX From a CD on a 7028

AIX is a Unix-based operating system manufactured by IBM. If it begins having problems, one way to check for bugs or access your basic computer functions is to boot AIX from the installation CD. This will not reinstall AIX, but will instead run the operating system off the CD, bypassing your faulty

How to Get Rid of Burrowing Animals

Keeping aboveground pests, such as rabbits, out of your yard is as easy as installing a fence. However, this doesn't stop the pests that burrow underground, such as moles and gophers. These creatures often create holes and raised mounds across your lawn, ruining your yard. To stop them, you must do

How to Install Memory in a G5 Tower

The Mac G5 comes installed with two sticks of memory, which may have been enough for handling your applications when you originally purchased it, and several expansion slots. But as new applications come out, the memory requirements to run these applications increase. Fortunately, the easily accessi

How to Transfer iTunes Songs From Computer to Flash Drive

A flash drive is a convenient tool for transferring songs from iTunes and moving them to another device. iTunes's file management system, combined with the drop-and-drag capabilities of computer operating systems, makes finding and moving files a quick and easy process on both Macs and PCs. Flash dr

Hardware in the Modern Age

People nowadays are more and more interested with innovative and creative hardware which will allow them to be interactive. Also, individuals at present are constantly in the look out for hardware that are not only inventive but also aesthetically and digitally exceptional. People are so much harder

Uncapping Cable Modems

Cable modem technology has the ability to achieve speeds in excess of 1 Mbit per second, but modem cables are set to run at a lesser value. It is typically reduced to half of this number for downloads and around an eight of this number for upload. ISPs cap modems to ensure that the bandwidth is equa