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How do I Recover My Files With a V3.1 Activation Key?

"Recover My Files" is one popular and well-reviewed Windows software package designed to help you recover deleted files and folders. Like other data recovery programs, Recover My Files will search your hard drive, networked drive, USB pen drive, and other attached drives to locate and restore files

How to Remove Elite Media Adware

Elite Media, also known as EliteMedia, is an adware program that generates large numbers of unsolicited pop-up advertisements, including advertisements for online casinos. These pop-ups can slow your computer considerably. Moreover, some of the pop-ups link to malicious websites and consequently cli

Office 2007 Compatibility With XP

Though Microsoft Office 2007 was released nearly six years after the launch of Windows XP, the newer software runs on the older operating system without error. Owners of older versions of XP, however, may need to download upgrades before installation.

Managing The Sales Workload Of An Organization

The usage of software and computers in every organization has almost abolished the concept of manual work to a large extent. The tendency of using web based CRM also shows the sales team are now ...

How to Calculate Break-Even in Excel

A break-even point is a financial tool that allows a company to forecast the amount of product it must sell to break even or reach zero dollars of income. A break-even analysis can show how many units of product it must sell or how many dollars of revenue it must earn to break even. Calculating a br

How to Remove the Malware Crush Icon

Malware Crush is another of the fake anti-spyware programs flooding the Internet that are actually spyware applications. It generates messages and alerts showing multiple virus and spyware infections on your hard drive. Then it recommends that you purchase the full version of the Malware Crush progr

How to Generate Names from Anagrams

Anagrams are words that are formed by rearranging the letters in another word; for example, stop, spot, and pots are all anagrams of one another. Additionally an anagram can be a rearranging of a phrase to form a word or another phrase; for example the phrase, the eyes, and the phrase, they see, con

How to Make a Horror Avatar

An avatar is an image that represents you on social websites, blogs, and emails. Basing it on the horror genre can invoke pictures of vampires, ghosts, and other dark fantasy creatures. It can also showcase your sense of humor by twisting a horror movie staple into a fun, colorful, and distinctive

Know The Process To Transfer Ms Excel Database

MS Excel is an important MS Office application which is basically used to create spreadsheet. To send a particular email to several people with the help of Outlook email managing application, it is laborious and tiring to send each and every Outlook email to Excel one by one. Use SysTools Outlook to

How To Convert Real Player Files to WMV Files

RealPlayer is an Internet-based streaming audio and video player application. Like most viewers, a free download is available. To maximize the uses of RealPlayer, you will need to subscribe to its streaming video service and purchase the upgrade to SP, which adds the RealPlayer Converter component.

PST files Compaction Results in Data Loss

The .PST are commonly used in storing the archived items where as the .OST files are used in storing the items in an offline mode. By transferring the files from the mail server to these ...

How to Convert BIN File Formats

The .BIN file extension is a format used to represent complete disc images. These files usually come with an associated .CUE file that is used for the purpose of burning these images to writable media. The .BIN format is fairly common, and there are a number of easily accessible programs to convert


Define MVS - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at


Define CCL - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Make an MS Excel Menu Display

Microsoft Excel 2007 came out with a new menu format for the toolbar, so the menus you were able to find quickly in the older versions of Microsoft Excel may now be harder to find. To remedy this, you can make menus display in the Microsoft Excel quick access toolbar. This will allow you to quickly