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You Cheated - How Do You Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You?

At the end of the day we are all on human, and we all tend to make mistakes now and then. Most mistakes we can live with, and then there are some mistakes that can make our life miserable. Cheating on a boyfriend that you love is certainly one way to walk down the road of misery...

3 Ways to Get Over a Heart Break

When you think real good and hard about it, the very reaction you come out with whenever your heart gets broken is the same thing as being addicted to drinking or smoking. It's simply hard to get rid of, no matter how much effort you put into it. The moment you get a hold of such a wonderful fe

Winning Him Back - Win a Man Back Like Magic!

If you are going through a break up of your relationship you are probably having a lot of different emotions. Your days may be filled with tears, sadness, and little of depression. You don't want to c

How to Get Your Ex Back - Tried and Tested Tips For Definite Success

Have you just gone through a break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend and all you can think of is him/her? There is nothing else in your brain which will get off your thoughts off to something else. Below are a few strategies for people stuck in situation like yours.

I'm Still in Love With My Ex - Help!

Are you haunted by a little voice that says "I'm still in love with my ex - help!" Is it crushing you to see your ex with someone else? Does your heart skip a beat every time you see them online, going on without you?

Getting Your Ex Back - Things That Will Help You to Accomplish It

A recent break up often draws us towards insanity, but you need to get a hold of yourself. You must weigh your actions carefully as the actions you take will determine whether things are going to get good or worse. There are certain things that you can do to make circumstances more tolerable and the

How to Get Your Ex Back Before It's Too Late and You Lose Them For Good!

If you want to get your ex back before it's too late then I'd like to share some of my experience so that you can learn from my mistakes and have a better chance of getting your ex back. You are probably terrified that your ex doesn't feel the same way about giving your relationship a

Why Does My Husband Treat Me So Badly? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons

There may be many reasons why a husband starts to treat his wife badly, and without knowing each situation personally, it's impossible for anyone to be able to give a definitive answer. However, there are certain situations which can lead to a husband being unresponsive and uncaring. First and

Are You Ready to Get Your Ex Back? Probably Not!

Whenever we go through a break-up, our first thought it - "I want her back, no matter what." But the truth is, the first few weeks after a break-up is the worst possible time to try to get your ex back. The reason is that you're simply not ready emotionally to do what it takes to get

Will Jealousy Get Your Lover Back?

There is much advice to be had about how to get your lover back. One piece of advice I reject when it comes to other relationships, may work when it comes to a lover.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Get Your Ex Back

Relationships can be rocky at times. There are ups, downs and sharp turns that sometimes cannot be avoided. Some will say that these times are what make a relationship stronger. That is true, but if care is not taken these ups, downs and sharp turns can put a lot of strain on a relationship. With a