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How to Hook Up HDMI in Comcast Cable

HDMI is a cable format that allows you to connect your high-definition television to other devices capable of streaming high-definition signals. These products include your Blu-Ray player, as well as you HD cable. If you are a Comcast cable subscriber, you can use the HDMI cables to ensure you are w

Apple App Store vs. Android Market

The features of a mobile device can be utilized only if well functioning apps are installed in it. The best apps, compatible with all types of OS platforms, are those that are featured at the major mo

Facts on Anti-Theft Devices

Auto theft is on the rise, and adding an anti-theft device to your vehicle is one way to deter both amateur and professional car thieves. Car alarms are the most common anti-theft device used in the United States, but wheel locks and electronic keys are quickly gaining in popularity. The inclusion o

Share Your Expertise

Sometimes, the best way for photographers to find answers to their questions is to obtain help from fellow photographers. I recently have added a few new features to my Web site that allow readers to provide help to other readers through user camera reviews, information on lost and found cameras, st

DVD Pick: "Carmen"

Opening with shots of a bloody bull being tormented by a matador, Francesco Rosi's Carmen is a crowd-pleasing screen adaptation of Georges Bizet's 1875 French-language opera. In addition to shooting at locations in southern Spain, Rosi assembled a cast of photogenic singer-actors. I believ

How to Remove the Faceplate of a Pioneer Premier DEH-P600UB

The Pioneer Premier model DEH-P600UB in-dash CD player has a removable faceplate like many other aftermarket car stereos. This feature is primarily used to prevent car radio theft. Removing the faceplate is helpful if you plan on leaving your vehicle unattended for awhile. You can remove the Pioneer

How to Wire a Kenwood TM-731 Microphone

The TM-731 microphone is manufactured by the Japanese corporation Kenwood. It is designed to function with Kenwood-brand citizens band (CB) radios. CB radios are used in law enforcement vehicles as well as in the trucking industry. Because many Kenwood microphones are used for professional purposes,

How to Install a Track Ball & Ring for a BlackBerry Curve 8330

With the introduction of the BlackBerry Pearl, Research in Motion (RIM) introduced the trackball function to its phone. Later, when it released the BlackBerry Curve series, the trackball became a signature part of the line. Using the trackball, you can navigate the screens of the Curve 8330 in all d

How to Set Up a 2701HG-B to Work With DIRECTV on Demand

The 2Wire 2701HG-B gateway router is one of the standard home network router/modem models that is used by DirecTV, under the DirecTV Cinema Connection Kit (DCCK) Device label, with its Cinema/Video-on-Demand service. This service offers its subscribers access to over 6000 shows and movies via an Int

Blackberry 7105T Troubleshooting

The BlackBerry 7105T from Research in Motion was among the first BlackBerry phones to feature SmartType Technology, which incorporated full keyboard functionality in the package of a standard cell phone layout. Due to its age and its being the first of its kind, the 7105T is prone to developing prob

How Do I Transfer an MP3 to My Mobile From a PC Using Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology is most commonly associated with wireless hands-free ear devices. You can do much more with a Bluetooth-enabled phone and PC. Once you have Bluetooth software installed on your PC you can sync your calendar and contacts, and transfer MP3 files so you can play them on your mobile

JBL LX66 Speaker Specifications

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty ImagesThe JBL company is a unit of Harman International Industries, Inc. The business designs and builds audio equipment for consumers as well as entertainment and automotive industries around the world. JBL speaker systems are featured in venues such as...

How to Set an Auto Timer on a FinePix 3800 Camera

Nowadays, digital cameras are capable of creating high-quality shots and are equipped with many useful features to get the specific shot you want. However, learning all of these features can be a big task. One of the most underutilized features is the self-timer, and it could be a very valuable feat

How to Use Skype on iPhones

Skype is one of the most well-known VoIP applications and its reputation extends even to the iPhone. The official Skype app for the iPhone lets you stay in touch and take advantage of Skype features when you are on-the-go. With the Skype app, you can access instant messaging, video calls and audio c

How Do 12V Incandescent Lamps Work?

Twelve-volt incandescent lamps use the same principles as standard incandescent bulbs--the kind you buy for your home--but they're designed to run on a much smaller voltage, and are usually used in different contexts and by different devices from standard bulbs.