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Top Judas Priest Songs of the '80s

As one of the undisputed greatest heavy metal bands of all time, England's Judas Priest built a particularly steady career during the '80s in both the U.K. and U.S. Anchored by aggressive, distinctively metallic guitar parts and the legendarily powerful pipes of frontman Rob Halford, the b

How to Play Slap & Pop on Bass

Slapping and popping are two related playing techniques for the bass guitar that were developed in the 1960s by funk musicians like Sly & the Family Stone's Larry Graham to create the percussive backbeat of drums. Although originally used in funk and disco playing, slapping and popping can be heard

Top 10 Reasons its great to be signed

1. somebody appreciates you, you've just spent a few years posting demos, ringing radio stations up, and now somebody actually wants YOU 2. radios, dj's, other artists will always take you more seriously if you ...

Using Hip Hop Samples to Make Beats

A lot of the producers who make own hip hop beats don't really make their own beats. They actually use samples for producing their own beats.

Elvis Presley Timeline: 1968

A historical Elvis Presley timeline of dates and important events in the life of the King, focusing on the year 1968, from your oldies guide at

Vocal Technique - A Quick Way to Improve Your Sound

To improve voice control, ambitious singers should faithfully practice developing their vocal technique. This involves getting the hang of the middle range of the voice. All singers have a "breaking point," which is a range ...

Burning Spear - 'Jah is Real

Jah is Real is a 2008 release from roots reggae legend Burning Spear. Jah is Real was nominated for a Grammy Award, and deservedly so - it's a great back-to-basics CD from Burning Spear.

How to Teach Yourself Guitar Songs

Teaching yourself guitar songs without the help of a teacher may seem like an impossible task to a beginning guitar player. However, learning songs that other people have written and performed is an excellent way to learn the basic skills of the instrument. Teaching yourself songs also does not have

5 Ways In Which Sheet Music Can Help You!

Sheet music can come in handy for you whether you are teaching or learning music. This accurate notation directory provides you exact information about each instrument.

Suzuki Violin Lessons - What Are the Advantages?

A great method of learning violin which has been around for quite a while is called the Suzuki Method. This is a method that has become very popular for learning on the violin especially for kids that start off at a very young age. Being a student of Suzuki and now a teacher of Suzuki I highly recom

Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners - Point a Finger and Play Guitar

The easiest guitar chords for a beginner guitarist to play are the ones that only use one finger. There are some guitarists who like to tune their guitar differently so that there are many more easy to play chords, but it is a good idea to rather use the standard guitar tuning and first master your

How to Set Up a Floating Tremolo on a Fender Strat

A floating tremolo unit allows guitarists to raise and drop the pitch of notes with the tremolo arm. As its name implies, the back end of a floating tremolo unit is raised slightly off the body of the guitar. The vast majority of Fender Stratocaster guitars come with a Fender vintage tremolo unit, w

Drake's 'Take Care' Leaks

Drake's 'Take Care'Leaks: Early Thoughts & Sales Predictions? Young Money production is spreading across the internet faster that a celebrity sex tape. You would think after Weezy's C4 spilled into public hands before its official ...

Learn How To Train Your Vocal To Sing

Are you dying to become a professional singer? Is it your dream to become the next American Idol? Are looking for ways to train your voice to sing? Well, do not worry here are some of the ideal tips t

Six Steps To Refurbish The Covers Of A Record Album

Each music enthusiasts are conscious that an album cover regularly gets torn occasionally. Regularly, this come about for individuals who are not really taking care of it. Nonetheless, if it has been part of the collection for several years now, this looks to be foreseeable one. If you want to maint

A DJ Spins Unique Venues To Get More Gigs

You've got it all. You have the beats, the latest tracks, the DJ gear, and you have refined your mixing skills to its finest. Now, the question is, are you a DJ who can spin unique venues to get more gigs?