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Why Table Lamps Make the Perfect Wedding Gift

Consider giving a table lamp the next time you need to find a wedding present. Table lamps last forever and remind the recipient of their special day for years to come.

4 Advantages of a Cupcake Wedding Cake

If you're reading this then you are most likely planning your wedding, or perhaps helping a friend plan hers. This is a day that you may have pictured your entire life. However, when you were ...

A Quick History of Silk Bridal Bouquets

Silk bridal bouquets are not just a bunch of flowers that's merely used by the bride just for the reason of appearing more beautiful and holding it. It's got a much deeper meaning associated with it.

How to Do a Sand Ceremony

Sand ceremonies represent the unity of a couple that is marrying or demonstrate the union of a couple and their existing children coming together as a family. Sand ceremonies reinterpret the older tradition of the unity candle. The pouring of the individual colors of sand represents each person, whi

Great Favors for 2008

When brides and grooms are on the look out for unique wedding favors they are either looking for classic and elegant wedding favors that convey the feeling of love and romance to their wedding guests; or they are looking for practical and unique wedding favors that they can give out to their guests

Birthday Cake Photos Ideas for Women

As you're planning a birthday celebration for a special woman in your life, it's important to include personalized elements that will make the event one to remember. Asking a baker to transfer a photo onto the birthday cake will personalize the dessert and remind the guest of honor of another enjoya

How to Pick a Temple for Marriage

Choosing a temple for your marriage ceremony is detail-oriented task. Temple marriages are often met with a stricter set of rules than typical Christian services. Marriage in the Mormon or Jewish faith is performed in a temple. Some couples want the spiritual bond of a temple marriage but aren't ver

How Much Should Couples Spend For Wedding Gifts?

One of the many concerns when one attends a special occasion such as nuptials is what presents to give out to guests.Of course, it is not really what exact present or presents you want togive for the truth is, if you have an unlimited amount to spend for a special present for a special occasion like

Choosing The Right Wedding Gift

You just received an invitation for a wedding in the mail today. This means that you will need to get a wedding gift for your family member or friend who is getting married. Usually there are traditional registry lists that can help you find the perfect wedding gift. Sometimes, registry lists can be

How to Change the Name on Your Marriage License in Texas

Changing names when you get married is one of the things often forgotten about during the planning process. Women often think of what they want to do with their name but not necessarily all that must be filled out in order to make that happen. First and foremost is the marriage license as that is yo

How to Get Personalized Cupcake Boxes For Your Wedding

There are several ways in which you can personalize your wedding cake individual slice or cupcake boxes. Some brides choose to purchase personalized cupcake boxes that come engraved with a special or inspirational message. Others choose to engrave the boxes with the wedding announcement. Other bride

Do-it-Yourself Carnival Fundraiser Ideas

Donations to charities and schools decline during times of economic stress, according to Giving USA, and groups are now seeking alternative ways to raise money. Fundraising carnivals, if properly designed, provide an opportunity for visitors to enjoy games, food and activities while contributing to

Do-it-yourself Indian Wedding Cake

The Indian tradition of intricate painting and design is also one of things that is very prominent in Indian wedding cakes. This is probably where the concept of using Henna cake has originated.

Handmade Bridesmaid Jewelry gifts: How to Find Them

If you are looking for a great gift to give your bridesmaids, a great idea is to find handmade bridesmaid jewelry gifts []. Actually this is not as difficult to find since online stores a ...