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How to Care for Fresh Herb Plants

Fresh herb plants give you the gift of culinary genius: sprinkle a few minced basil leaves in your spaghetti sauce, dash some cilantro over a pizza or bowl of stir-fry, or add fresh mint to your cup of tea. Fresh herb plants are rewarding for the palate and they look perky in a row on the windowsill

How to Trim a Firethorn (Pyracantha)

Pyracantha, or firethorn, is an attractive addition to the garden with its glossy-green leaves and fall berries. Firethorn is a large evergreen shrub that can grow to 10 feet tall and 12 feet wide. It produces white flowers in the spring and is a rather unruly shrub that doesn't necessarily require

Gardening For Survival - Who Me?

So many of us live comfortable lives and think it will never change much, so who needs to have a food garden? The supermarkets are there when we need fresh or even canned or bottled food, even though prices are going up. Sure it's not ideal what's in some of them, and who knows how they ar

Pavers Near a House as Edging

Good landscaping consists of strategic use of softscapes like trees, shrubs, flowers and grass, as well as hardscapes such as walkways, driveways, patios and edging. With the wide range of edging materials that are available, choosing the right type for your landscape design can be confusing. Paver

Getting a Greener Lawn - Tips and Tricks

Creating a beautiful green lawn is possible for anyone, no matter who you are. All you need is to learn a few tips and tricks of lawn maintenance to help you in your efforts.

Cabbage Planting and the Moon

Many gardeners prefer to grow their own cabbage plants from seed. Seeds will last for years. The early varieties grown from seed should, of course, get an early start in the greenhouse, or in a cool room or cellar during the proper phase of the moon.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Organic Lawn Fertilizer

When you are starting out the lawn, you normally do not anticipate the amount of dedication that you might need to make a great lawn. With time however, you come to learn that you need to water your lawn, spread fertilizer on the and even mulch them.

How to Plant Food Plots for Deer

Deer food plots provide supplemental nutrition for deer during harsh winters and attract deer to your property for hunting. If you live in a suburb where deer trek through on a regular basis, they can damage gardens and landscaping with their grazing and rutting. Providing a small deer food plot awa

Using Organic Fertilizers for Vegetables

Not all gardens (whether it's a flower or herb garden) can be left satisfied with what they already have, especially when it comes to vegetable gardens. Sure they have soil, some water for moisture, and a bit of nourishment that they get under the ground. But did you know that your garden could

What You Ought To Learn About Weeding. Know Its Importance

This is the aspect of gardening that the majority of people dislike the most. However, this is usually because they leave it much too late and by the time they do make the time for it, the beds are infested with weeds and it becomes an uphill battle to clear them.

How to Make Simple Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens

People with vegetable gardens are always looking for ways to give their gardens a boost, especially in the early summer when everything is blooming and greening up. Going organic is very popular and economical as well as one of the best things that can be done for your garden.

Ways to Create Homemade Pesticide for Tomato Plants

Growing tomatoes in your garden is a wise choice you should undertake to produce your own organic vegetables and providing you a safe and reliable tomatoes in your kitchen. And you can only attain this by making your own homemade insecticides which is safe for your family. There are lots of natural

How To Create A Vertical Garden

If you would like to add some beauty to the fences or exterior walls of your home, you may want to consider vertical gardens. This unique gardening technique uses the help of vine flowers and plants to grow upwards making them the perfect vertical gardens. With a vertical garden, you can choose from

Dont be reliant on others

Why should we all be reliant on Big Agra Business and Corperations for our food. We all should be aware of the poison they are feeding us in dead food.

Flowers That Grow in Ohio

Trillium ise Ohio's official state trillium image by rikkidegraz from Fotolia.comThe midwestern U.S. state of Ohio is home to myriad native wildflowers that grow in many of its state parks, such as Hocking Hills and Salt Fork. Many of the Buckeye state's plants produce...

Organic Gardening - Ebb and Flow Hydroponics

One of the unique techniques of hydroponics. The ebb and flow system is a way that you can grow your crops and supply them with the environment that they will thrive in.

Should You Alternate Patterns when Mowing Your Yard?

Many people in the world today are looking for ways to have a perfect yard. While watering, cutting, and fertilizing are all great ways to get that perfect yard, there is something else you can ...

What Makes For A Beautiful Garden?

What makes a garden look good? Generally, you want shrubs and trees, plus grass to soften the hard, angular lines of your house and lot. Some people eliminate grass altogether and use a patio surrounded ...

The First Things To Do For Your Lawn In The Spring

Spring has crept and surprised you. You may have thought that all the yard work you did last fall would pay off this spring but you might be mistaken. If you really thought that, it ...