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How to Restore Old Cameras

Finding an old camera can seem like the zenith of a treasure hunt. However, it is the beginning of one instead of the end. An old camera usually requires something between a little bit to a lot of repair to get working again. The procedure can be a bit complicated for a very old camera, especially o

How to Record in Portrait With Android

The Android phone's video camera records video in whatever orientation you hold the phone. If you hold the phone horizontally, video records in landscape orientation. If you hold the phone vertically, video records in portrait orientation. If you find the video shot in portrait orientation doesn't p

Tools for Hollowing Out Wood on the Lathe

Turning wood on the lathe has made a big comeback in popularity over the last 10 years. Hobbyists are drawn to the craft by all the new project kits and books available for the novice woodworker.Two of the biggest areas in wood turning are pen turning and hollow vessel turning. Each have...

How to Learn Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is just one of the sports that belong to kite boarding. Kite surfing is done on water with a surf board, while snow kiting is done on snow with a snowboard or skis, and land boarding is done on land with a land board. Many people would categorize these kinds of sport as extreme because

What Are Super Magnets?

The term super magnet is slang for the neodymium magnet, an extremely powerful magnetic alloy developed in the 1980s. These hardy and versatile magnets have found uses across several industries in the past few decades.

How to Test Carbonate

Carbonate is a salt of carbonic acid, which is an organic compound. It can also refer to carbon dioxide mixed in water containing carbonic acid. Carbonate also refers to the chemical compounds derived from reactions of oxoacid and alcohol groups, more commonly known as esters. Carbonate also refers

How to Test Power Transistors

Transistors are generally used in two types of circuits: amplifier circuits and switching circuits. Transistors may be used in high power applications (such as power amplifiers) or in low power applications (such as the switching circuits present in a microprocessor). No matter what the application,

How to Cross Cut

The cross cut and the rip are the two basic cuts in woodworking. Ripping a board is cutting a piece of wood in the direction of the grain and is usually performed to cut a board to the proper width. A crosscut, as its name implies, is a cut made across the grain. This is usually done to cut a board

How to Install the Stairs in 'Sims 2'

The stairs in "The Sims 2" expands gameplay by allowing you to create a second story in your Sim's home, providing additional space for bedrooms, playrooms or an office in the game. The stairs can be used for the second story or for a basement, which is a new feature in "The Sims 2," as the original

How to Build a Platform Deck

A platform deck, also sometimes called a floating deck, is a deck that sits close to the ground and typically doesn't have railings. This type of deck is a cost-effective alternative to other decking options. If you have a little help, you can generally complete a small or medium-sized platform deck

Do it Yourself Stained Glass Window Repair

Stained glass windows are an attractive but somewhat expensive addition to a home. Learning to repair a broken stained glass window yourself is a money-saving though somewhat difficult and interesting task requiring some special tools such as a glass cutter, grinder, soldering iron, copper foil or l

Do it Yourself: Model Train Layout

A model train layout, or pike, is the set-up that model railroaders build to run their trains on. It can be any size but is often built on a theme. This may revolve around specific industries like farming, logging or coal, or a specific era, like the Civil War. What ever theme you choose, your railr

How to Make a Pipe Stem

You can make your own pipe stem at home using simple items most likely found in your home and yard or surrounding area. This pipe stem is made from wood. To fashion a stem out of wood, you must be sure that it is a type of wood that has a removable pith, such as elderberry or ash. When you are finis

How to Draw Faces on a Runescape Chat

"RuneScape" is an online massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Jagex Games Studio. It has over 10 million active members as of September 2010. "RuneScape" players are allowed to communicate with each other using the chat box feature. It is hard to convey emotions through typing,

What Are the Dangers of Breathing Helium from a Tank?

Helium is typically found as a gas at room temperature. Since it is relatively stable and lighter than air, it is frequently used to make balloons float. Although inhaling a helium-oxygen mixture can be beneficial--it lessens the toxicity of nitrogen and oxygen in divers' tanks--breathing in pure he

The Biological Importance of Ascaris in Biology

The ascaris is a large parasitic roundworm that can grow up to 50 cm in length. It is parasitic and lives in the intestines of humans. There are several important reasons for studying ascaris in biology.

How to Replace a Dritz Rotary Blade

Dritz produces rotary blades for use mainly in quilting and sewing. The rotary blade allows for easy cutting on top of Omnigrid mats, and is significantly safer than the more traditional methods of cutting, while still maintaining precision. Changing the blade is a simple procedure that anybody can

Birds Native to Southern Ohio

There are hundreds of bird species that call Ohio home. Many are migratory, meaning that they are in this area for only part of the year. These birds are still native to the region, but they move to follow warmer weather. Unfortunately, the amount of Ohio forest was depleted to 12 percent of its ori

How to Decoupage Letters With Fabric

Covering wooden letters with fabric is a simple method of creating a unique decoration for the home. Wooden letters of various sizes and shapes can be easily purchased at a local craft store. Decoupage can be very inexpensive if fabric scraps are used. Fabric-covered wooden letters make an excellent

How to Lathe a Football Shape

The lathe primarily allows users to reshape pieces of metal. Yet, many people use lathes for wood and even fabric. Regardless of the material you wish to use, you can use a lathe to easily create a football shape. People use lathes to create highly intricate objects, so a football poses no real chal