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How to Paint Press Board Cabinets

Press board, also know as chipboard or particleboard, is a composite building material. It consists of wood fibers and glue compressed under pressure to create sheets of wood that are consistently flat and uniform. Press board is a building material but needs to be sealed on all sides to prevent moi

How to Figure the Theoretical Yield of a Chemical Reaction

Chemists use reaction equations to show which chemicals react together and also the resulting products. These equations also give the relative ratios of atoms or molecules which combine and which are formed. If you know the amount of starting reactants, you can use the ratios in a reaction equation

Marine Ecosystem Classification

Coral is the main component of one of the world's most important ecosystems.Frederic Pacorel/Creatas/Getty ImagesA marine ecosystem differs from other aquatic ecosystems due to the presence of dissolved compounds like salt. Marine ecosystems involve a complex and interdependent...

How to Fix a Loud Quartz Clock

The movements of a quartz clock often bother a lot of people due to the loud ticking sounds. These sounds come from the seconds hand of the clock, created due to the rattling or shaking between the plastic gears right inside the clock's movement. This is amplified by the clock's plastic case, which

How to Beat the Big Spider on the Ceiling in "DarkSiders" on the PS3

Silitha is a big spider demon that you must defeat in "DarkSiders." She is found in the Iron Canopy, which you are able to reach after getting through the smaller spiders that guard it. Silitha has several moves that make her a difficult opponent, especially her ability to teleport. However, by usin

How to Do Iron-On Transfers for Dark Fabrics

Placing a design on dark fabric or clothing is a simple process when using iron-on transfer paper. Dark transfer paper is available from most stationers, on the Internet or from your local craft store. It allows you to create an image that will show up well on dark fabric. Jazz up an old cushion, T-

Crafts With Deer Horns

You can turn deer horns, or antlers, into a wide variety of craft items to give that rustic look to your home or cabin. Collect the antlers from hunters, collect shed antlers while hiking or purchase antlers from retailers. Use the antlers whole to make items such as light fixtures, table legs and c

How To Cut & Glue Veneers to Cabinets

Give worn cabinets a make-over rather than spend money on a remodeling project. Resurface the cabinets with veneer, cut and glued to the existing surfaces. Veneer gives the illusion of real wood cabinets, because the material is cut in a thin strip from hardwood trees. For example, cherry veneer is

How to Sandblast Wood Signs

Sandblasted wooden signs are one of a kind. They stand out among the cookie cutter vinyl and manufactured signs because they project a rustic, country attitude, and are visually attractive. Most sign makers produce raised letter signs by sandblasting. But if you do the reverse with inset routed lett

Certification for Coin Grading

Certifications for coin grading are obtained from companies that specialize in coin grading and authentication. The process of coin grading is quite laborious and is taken very seriously. Once a coin is certified, it's encapsulated and given a certifying identification label. Several professional co

Characteristics of Morse Code

Morse code was developed in the mid-1800s by Samuel F.B. Morse, who also invented a means to transmit the code, the telegraph. It is a versatile, simple code that is easy to transmit -- a skilled user can be very articulate in Morse code. It continues to be used extensively by military personnel, em

How Do I Tell if Magic Cards Are Authentic?

Gamers purchase "Magic" cards -- playing cards for "Magic: The Gathering" to collect, trade or play. In addition to character, spell or land names and specs, each card has an attractive illustration created by a professional artist, as well as a quote from literature or philosophy. Due to the high q

How to Calculate the Theoretical Free Energy of Metabolism

The Gibbs free energy of a system measures the amount of energy capable of doing nonexpansion work. Gibbs free energy cannot be directly measured, but the change in Gibbs free energy associated with a reaction or process can be calculated from the change in entropy and change in enthalpy associated

How to Calculate the Wattage for a Double Pole

Wattage, or watts, is a measure of the rate at which electricity is consumed by a device. This rate depends on the voltage of the circuit and the amps being delivered. A double pole circuit is designed to deliver 240 volts in North America. Because we already know one number in the formula, we only

What Is AC & DC Electricity?

Electric current exists in only two forms, alternating (AC) and direct (DC). Experimenters discovered direct current electricity in the 1790s by tinkering with early chemical batteries. Since it flows in only one direction, DC is a simple form of electricity. Alternating current, a more complex kin

How a Solenoid Works

FunctionSolenoids are devices that have the ability to change energy--whether produced by magnets, air or fluid--into mechanical energy. The most common type of solenoid is the electromagnetic solenoid, which uses a coiled wire to produce a powerful magnetic field. The coiled wire can be...

How to Measure Atmospheric Pressure

You might have a number of reasons for wanting to know the atmospheric pressure, sometimes known as the barometric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is a key indicator for predicting the weather, it can have an effect on the human body and how we feel and it is an important measurement used by pilots w

How to Build a 3D Model Pyramid

Whether you have a project on ancient Egypt, or you are just looking for a craft project, making a 3D pyramid is a quick and fun way to replicate one of the world's oldest structures. It may have taken the Egyptians years to complete the actual pyramids, but you can build a scale model in just a few

Building Dimensions for a Sissinghurst Bench

The Sissinghurst bench derives its name from the English garden in which it originally appeared in the early 20th century. The wide, deep bench has a distinct design with its tall, ornate back, which combines slats and a network of flowing curves. The dimensions of a Sissinghurst bench vary slightly

How to Tie a Traditional Nunchaku

Developed in Okinawa as a practical street defense weapon against thieves and robbers, the nunchaku is a simple defensive instrument made from two connected short but thick sticks. Although many modern nunchuku utilize ball bearing and chains to connect the sticks, traditional nunchaku used a thick